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Where to seat minister help

any Wedding I have attended has been in a hotel and married by a humanist, however I am being married in a Church of Scotland and have invited the minister and his wife to meal, they have both accepted and now I am wondering should I sit them at top table or at a guest table ? I don’t want to offend or have anyone uncomfortable. Any advice would be fantastic or should only minister be at top table and wife at a guest table ? Or is it best to keep them together 


  • Dave.b10Dave.b10 Posts: 4 New bride
    edited July 2019
    No need to sit them at the top table (unless you particularly want to- there's no law against it lol).

    The traditional top table is both sets of parents, best man and maid of honour (in the UK). So, there would be no expectation to sit the minister  at the top table. I'd recommend sitting them on a guest table (with their wife).
    But, ultimately you can sit people how you want lol
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