Dancing at a restaurant reception

I really like one particular beautifully-located restaurant for our wedding day, as in ceremony either outside on their grounds or inside beside a floor-to-ceiling window with a view, then canapes and a buffet reception taking over one floor (ideal type of venue for us as catering is taken care of and we get a full choice of menu). As we will only have 25-30 guests (including several young children) and we aren’t into bands, we won’t be having a band or DJ, just a playlist on a phone. During the photos and start of the reception, I wanted to hire a mentalist/magician, but what do we do after the meal is finished at around 6pm?? 

Has anyone had dancing at a restaurant reception? What did you do while furniture was being moved out of the way? Alternatively, did you have another type if entertainment until midnight or move on somewhere else? 


  • hello169hello169 Posts: 6 New bride
    An idea for quick transition to offer some floor space for dancing could be to ask your photographer to arrange a group photo outside or in a different area. The restaurant staff should be aware of this scheduled moment and move a table or two out of the way. 
    Another aspect to consider if the lighting. If all of the lights are super bright, it might affect the night time party mood. See if after the photo the restaurant staff can dim the lights. An option could be to hire some party lighting as well, which should be a minimal cost. Perhaps even the restaurant has a vendor you can leverage.
    Good luck with your planning!

    xx Christina [[Christina Leger Events.com]]

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