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Hi all, I’m getting married next April at Hadlow Manor in Kent. I’ve called the venue several times with questions which is pretty standard I feel but something feels a little off with the responses I get. 

Yesterday I called to confirm ceremony time and when we would get information about the day e.g. timings, menu etc. And I was told that the menu isn’t confirmed until 6 weeks before the wedding. That seemed quite late to me as guests will have to choose their main (meat or vegetarian) and that doesn’t give much of a response time. Is this the normal timeframe or should I challenge this? I have never been in or had a part to play in planning a wedding before so it’s a little overwhelming!

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  • To me that sounds like they mean you don't need to confirm the menu selected until 6 weeks before, but you should definitely be able to look and see what options there are and what you'd like to offer to guests now. 
    Also worth bearing in mind not everyone offers guests a choice, so it may be that at the 6 week you confirm what is selected, and then anyone who has RSVP'd with a dietary requirement will be taken into account but other than that everyone will get the same.  
  • We’re having external caterers at our wedding so can’t say if it is the norm for hotels although it does sound a little last minute. If it is just a choice between meat or vegetarian I wouldn’t expect to be given a choice though, just ask guests to specify dietary requirements with their rsvp and anyone that doesn’t gets the meat option! Of course, if you plan on offering say two meat options to everyone you’ll need to get responses but otherwise I wouldn’t worry.
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    You would just ask guests to specify dietary requirements and any vegetarians would be given whatever veggie meal you choose 6 weeks before. I live really close to Hadlow Manor and a friend of mine got married there and I know her day went well (I didn't go, it was family only, then they had a party later on the family farm).
  • I really wouldn't panic over this.  As others have said, get your guests to indicate dietary requirements on their RSVPs.  Caterers won't order your food until much closer to the day and so they aren't going to need you to confirm meals until this time anyway.  They do this every week (at least!) and while it is a big deal to each of their brides, the reality is, they don't need to think about it until a few days before usually.
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    Don't stress about this. This is quite standard for wedding venues who are typically modifying their menus seasonally. I agree with the other posters that you can just include on our RSVP card if guests would like meat or vegetarian (or whatever specific categories you are serving). If you need to print your own menus for your seats, most stationary printers should be able to turn around menus within 2 weeks, so be on standby for your venue to confirm the menu choices and send to the printer straight away. 
    All the best in planning your wedding! 

    xx Christina [[Christina Leger]]
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