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Martini Vase arrangement

Hello there, I have done some flower arrangements but I wanted to attempt doing an arrangement in a Martini shaped vase, 50 cm. I would like to use Hydrangea, and Roses with some twigs. Could you give me an idea of approx how many heads of hydrangeas I need to use and how many stems of roses, in two colours to give it a good effect? Trying not to make it too large but big enough to be impactful. I will use a bowl on top for the arrangement as I think it will be easier to prepare ahead and take to the venue. This will be made with artificial flowers in case useful.  Grateful for your advice. Barbara


  • tbh I think it will be difficult to use a martini glasses unless you use foam to hold the flowers. because you are using artificial flowers making it sit firm in a martini glass might be a bit challenging. I have used normal vases and used 2 hydrangeas heads which made it look full. you are also going to use roses so I think 2 hydrangeas heads and 2 roses should be good enough. if you would like to see what mine looked like check out my page on Instagram (thebudgetweddinghouse) or message me and ill send you pics from diff angles. 

    good luck :)
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