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Cameras on tables

I am sure this has been asked a thousand times before but is anyone having disposable cameras? I didn't think that anyone ever used them and that they were a waste of money. However, some colleagues of mine today thought they were a great idea.


  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    I don't think we'll be having them after a lot of our friends who did said no-one used them and the photos that were taken weren't that good. How about you put a note in your invitations asking to have copies of everyone's digital shots instead? Much cheaper!
  • Friends of mine had them at their wedding but they had two on each table so they were wasted. I've just bought mine from dunelm mill for £1.99 each so a bit of a bargain. I phoned and asked if they had a diff style to the ones on the site and they did a flowery one - they came yesterday and are lush!!

    I love photos and don't want to miss anything on the day so thats why we are having them but only one per table xx
  • anghgmanghgm Posts: 211
    We got some and did end up with some great photos, also some rubbish ones! On one of our table no one had a digital camera so the disposable pics are all we have of them (well the photographer took table shots too!) although they aren't good quality.

    My advice - DON'T USE CONFETTI! 2 months on I'm still waiting on photos from 10 cameras back from them!

  • I am in two minds. From mates weddings they either get forgotten about and then random, wasteful panic usage ensue, get used to take piccies of peoples (mostly men's) body parts or get taken away by guests in error.

    Having said that they are quite cheap nowadays and I am sure there will be pics that you would be grateful of.

    I like your idea Juice 77(fellow flump) re photoshare.

    I buy a few cameras and give them to the ushers or a few mates to snap away rather than one per table - we are having 15 tables!!!!!


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  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    MissymeeWedding (hi Posie and Perkin!) - that's not a bad idea, I was just thinking that my grannies may not have cameras so instead of putting disposables on tables, give them one each. Then again bet they can't figure out how to use them!!
  • I've bought blank CDs from Tesco which worked out at 10p each. I'm going to put them in stamped addressed envelopes and give them to people at the reception. Have already asked people to take lots of photos so we can have copies in the A-Z info sheet I included with the invites. So many people have digital cameras these days I recon this and/or a photo share website are definately the way to go over expensive, low quality disposables. 2 weddings I went to this sumer the brides recon they got better pictures this way than from their professional photographer.
  • They have good deals for wedding cameras on ebay complete with the little poem cards
  • we will be having them, we need 15 soi spoke to max speilmans and they said they would give 10% discount for buying that many and it would cost £67.50 inc processing which i didn't think was too bad xx
  • i think it really depends how many people will have digital cameras... if most people do, then it probably isn't worth it... that's certainly been the case at the last few weddings i've been too

    really like the cd idea - will be using that!
  • to Sal78 - what did the A-Z info sheet include?
  • cdsmiler81cdsmiler81 Posts: 2,014
    BGirl2be - you can get disposibles for £1.99 ish in ASDA and places like that!

  • at my brothers wedding, loads of people brought their own cameras so he got loads of pics from them, and he had his photographer, so im not getting disposable cameras.
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