Table Names

I would really like to have my tables named ' love', 'joy' or 'congratulations' in different langauges - any ideas of where to find the translations - or any other suitable words for a 29th December wedding.

Thanks for your help



  • Hi Lyn

    I'm new to this but as I have recently gotten married I'm sure I can share quite a bit with brides to be.

    For our wedding we also named our tables in different langauges of love which were actually found on the internet with the head table being 'LOVE'.

    The tables were:-

    Liebe (German)

    Amore (Italian)

    Gra (Irish)

    Mohabbat (Arabic)

    Prem (Indian)

    Aroha (New Zealand - Maori)

    Amor (Spanish)

    Ruk (Thai)

    Sevgi (Turkish)

    I bought blank stationery which matched our invitations, programmes and menus and as a Calligrapher wrote them up with the meaning below.

    Hope this gives you some ideas for your day.

  • thanks - that gives me the start I need - just need to find another 6 words as I think we will end up with 15 tables!!

  • Here are 6 more...

    Adore - French

    Sayang - Malaysian

    Koerlighed - Danish

    Milosc - Polish

    Dragoste - Romanian

    Hobb - Sauidi

    I have to say this was my husbands idea and it worked well as it was easy to configure tables with and no one felt they were less important as we did not use table numbers.

  • Fantastic - you are a star
  • I am getting married on 29th december too !!! Getting really excited now, how about you ?

    Anyway, there are plenty of free translation sites online, I use one alll of the time for work ( cant think what it's called off the top of my head though, could tell you tomorrow..
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