Wrist Corsages?

I would like to ask you all some advice: I am thinking of having wrist corsages for my bridesmaids of which I have 3 instead of having bouquets. Do you think this would look ok or do you think that I should have bouquets?


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    I am thinking of the same after seeing some lovely ones in a magazine. Can't remember the mag I'm afraid but their's were a lovely phalaenopsis orchid (excuse spelling!). I think they are a great idea. Lets them keep their hands free.
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    Ps should work out cheaper than bouquets as well. At least that's what I'm hoping!
  • I was thinking of both those reasons!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking that the corsages can be similar/same flowers as the mums, so everything is within keeping with the theme.
  • They always look very elegant with wrist corsages.
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    What flowers were you thinking at the mo?
  • I am having wrist corsages for my MOH & two little bridesmaids (5&9yrs) The two little ones are carrying wire wants as well. I am having Dolce Vita Roses
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    I was thinking of roses too. Don't know which kind yet.
  • ooops i meant wands not wants image
  • I am going with orchids on one of these expandable pearl bracelets for my 4 b/maids - at least this also keeps hands free for carrying skirts and train - getting married in December in Aberdeenshire so planning for all weather eventualtilities. My florist suggest the bracelets rather than ribbon as the ribbon because appartently the ribbon can cause the corsage to roll round your wrist!!
  • I had wrist corsages for my bridesmaids in May and the were a great idea as it kep their hands free.

    I brought extra dress material and had it as ribbons with cream gerberas, i will try to find a piccy.

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    Lynaberdeen, do you have a picture of the bracelets at all? I am getting married in Italy so need to get a picture to send the florist. I would like these for my bridesmaids too i think they look lovely and are an alternative to bouquets. Do you think a lilly would work?

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    I had bouquets for myself and bridesmaids but I opted for a wrist corsage for the evening reception. Here is a pic of it (hopefully if I can work out how to get picture onto here), the morning after, minus a few berries.


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  • I am going for wrist corsages and I have an ulterior motive for it!

    My bridesmaid is my daughter who will be 16. My smallest son will be 5 and I need her hands free to grab him if he starts to get silly!

    I love these ones:

  • And this but with pink colours in it:

  • im thinking of having them too but i was wondering wat they do with there hands when they are walking up the isel as they would normally hold their flowers, would they hold them in front of them?
  • when i was a bridesmaids last year we had a corsage attached to a handbag that coordinated with our shoes!!

    saw a wrist corsage on a bride on wedding tv last week and she carried a parasol so it was easier for her to have flowers on her wrist rahter than a bouquet!! looked really pretty!!!

    mine are going to carry feather fans as we aren't having any flowers ath our wedding.

    Sian x x x x
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    Silly question ladies...how did you manage to display your pictures??? Mine wouldn't work image
  • You can only post a photo which is already on a website somewhere.

    1) Go to the page where the photo is.

    2) Right click on the picture and click on properties

    3) Highlight the URL of the photo and right click on it and copy it.

    4) If you look at the top of the reply box on here it will have a box saying 'img' Press it once, right click and paste the URL you took from the website. Then press the 'img' box again. :\)

  • I asked my manager at work what she thought and she thought is was a lovely idea. So I think that I will defiently go with this idea. I think that we will go with orchids or fresia, but not sure yet.
  • Hi Swift2b

    My witnesses had them they were actually the best flowers at our wedding.


    see 1st 3 photos
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