Seating arrangements for evening reception

We are having approx 150 people to our evening reception and i would really like round tables. However there will only be enough room to sit about 120 people if we have these. Does everyone have to have a seat at an evening reception as i know that many people will be up smoking and some at the bar and other socialising and me and h2b probs wont be sitting down at all. What are you all doing.




  • cwukcwuk Posts: 324
    I reckon you need seating for at least 3/4 of your guests as like you say loads will be at the bar or dancing etc but any less than that and you risk annoying the older people as they like to 'bag' a table.
  • Are you having a meal, if yes, i would have a seat for everyone.
  • JnutmanJnutman Posts: 561
    We are having a buffet around about 9ish.

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