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venue question!!!

Hi ladies,

I have just: read on the emotional suppert forum about a couple that have booked their venue and gone through the menu options and prices only to be informed weeks later that the prices have gone up (substancially). The hotel say it is in the contract that they can do this.

I've just checked my contract, and they have put how many guests and at how much per head it is.

Can they now increase the prices, or am i safe.

It's bad enough that when you mention the word wedding the price of everything goes up!!!!




  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    I don't think they should be able to increase prices once a contract has been signed.

    We are planning for 2009 and have been told that prices could increase but once we book thats the price we pay.
  • AndyC1984AndyC1984 Posts: 118
    thanks for that!

  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    I would ask them if the price you agree to could increase. That way you will be sure. I think they only way they can charge you extra is if you don't meet the minimum spend they require for the space they are hiring to you.
  • AndyC1984AndyC1984 Posts: 118
    i meet the minimum. in fact i;m way over so they havn't charged me for the price of hiring the room.
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    You should be fine then. Just clarify with them that the price you are quoted is definitely the price you will pay.

    That way you shouldn't get any shocks nearer the time.

  • AndyC1984AndyC1984 Posts: 118

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