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Dodmoor House

We are getting married at Dodmoor House near Daventry, was wondering whether anyone has chosen or already had their wedding here?


  • Hi,

    I am currently looking at venues in the Northants area. Dodmoor is definitely on my short list. When are you getting wed ?
  • EMEEukEMEEuk Posts: 77
    I'm getting married on the 7th July 2007. how about you?

    Let me know if you decide on Dodmoor!!
  • Hi,

    yes we finally decided on Dodmoor, by far the nicest venue we have looked at. I love how you can have it as informal or formal as you like. We are getting married on the 1st Dec 2007.

    How's you planning coming along ?
  • EMEEukEMEEuk Posts: 77

    Planning coming on really well at the mo not really much else to do actually. We have booked the caterers - have gone with Lemon Zest - one of the approved caterers. We are having a solo singer who will sing some songs in the courtyard at the beginning of the night then later on about 9ish he will do a disco inside as we think most people will want to be outside providing the weather is nice. We went through Back on monday entertainments - v helpful! Photographer is sorted, I have ordered my dress, bridesmaid being fitted for her dress next week, rings ordered. not much for me to do now until next year! Can't wait now but time seems to be going so slowly! We went back to view it again with h2b mum and Mark and Louise mentioned that they were thinking of doing a mini wedding fayre there and will decorate the place for a wedding - different table layouts etc sounded quite good. Think they said they would do it Feb time so will going along to that with the parents.

    How are you getting on with your planning?

    Its so nice to find someone else having their wedding at the same venue!

  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297

    We booked Dodmoor for our wedding in June next year. It is a gorgeous place.

    We are in the process of checking out the two recommended caterers. We went for a tasting with lemon-Zest and were very disappointed. Did anyone else have a bad experience with them on the tasting - I am wondering whether it was just a one off day - because everyone else seems to have had a good experience. I honestly don't want to post this to make anyone who has booked them feel bad too - i have heard nothing but good things about them and am beginning to wonder if it was just us LOL.

    Anyone using Clarendons or have used them? Any reviews/comments would be much appreciated.

    Hope to hear from anyone also getting married at Dodmoor. :\)
  • vssmithukvssmithuk Posts: 18

    We are getting married at Dodmoor on the 1st Dec 2007. We have opted for Clarendons to do the catering. We spoke to both and just preferred them. Haven't done any food tasting sessions with either, well we tried a few of there canapes at an open evening earlier in the year but don't think that really counts. As with everything we have found with Dodmoor I have no doubt that both are of a very good quality. Have you tried arranging a tasting session with Clarendons so you can compare ?

    How is your planning going ? We still have plenty to do - photography, flowers,hair make up, bridesmaids dresses let alone finding my own dress. Hoping to start that search in the next few weeks ......... can't believe it is already nealry the end of april. Hopefully I 've nort left it too late:\?

  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    I am organising a clients' wedding at Dodmoor House in July. I recommended Dodmoor as one of the 3 venues I thought they'd like, it was my favourite and they preferred it too.

    I have to say Dodmoor is one of my absolute favourite local venues, Mark, Louise and Claire are all fantastic and I love their flexibility. It is so nice to find a venue who will listen to what the wedding couple want instead of dictating based on how they usually do things.

    My couple are having a tasting with Lemon Zest this weekend as they preferred their menus over Clarendons. I find Lemon Zest more approachable than Clarendons personally but have heard lots of good recommendations for both companies. I know another couple who are marrying at Dodmoor have hired in outside caterers called Creative Event Catering - they are another supplier I recommend locally.

    Did you go to the open evening at Dodmoor a few months back?
  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    Hi Vicksters,

    I asked Clarendons about a tasting as their brochure says they only do one when you have booked. We said we would pay if it came to us not booking them, but the testimonials seem excellent.

    Planning isn't coming along too fast, but we have ages yet. You must be getting really excited. My fianc???? has contacted a photographer that I saw in MK at their wedding fair in Feb. Her photos look really good and the price isn't too bad. I'll let you know how we get on if you like? I've been in touch with Julianna from Dodmoor's website, but not rushed - will have to go and see her for a consultation closer to the time. I am terrible for buying magazines and have about a million ideas lol. I kind of know what dress i want, but won't start looking until Jan next year I think.

    You'll be a married woman by then !!

    Please keep in touch, nice to know another bride getting married at the same place.

  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    Hi Vicki,

    I agree about the flexibility that Dodmoor offers. We saw so many places that impose on your plans that as soon as we spoke with Claire at the venue we knew it was the right one.

    I couldn't make the open evening as we live in London - but Mark said he was planning another one later this year so we will try and attend that. We have some time image

    Thanks for the recommendation on Creative Event Catering. I'm going to see what clarendons come back with, but will definitely check them out too. I have definitely found lemon Zest lovely to deal with, but we were a little disappointed in the tasting.

  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    Hi ElizaDee

    It's interesting to hear your comments on the tasting, I will let you know what my clients say after theirs on Saturday.

    I met Back on Monday entertainments at the open evening as EMZ mentioned and they were very good. They are very helpful and have some great ideas.

    There are also some really good florists nearby so you should be fine image

    Let me know if you want any other recommendations

    Good luck!!
  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    Thanks Vicki,

    That would be really helpful. I'm beginning to think it's was just us ... lol It probably is!

    Thanks also for the offer for recommendations. I'm not to sure where to start, I guess the photographer is the next thing to look at/get booked. I'll see how the lady my fiance has contacted turns out and if not, I'll be in touch.:\)
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    Hi ElizaDee,

    Just wanted to update you after my clients tasting with Lemon Zest! They were impressed with the food although wanted to make a couple of changes, such as asking for more Jus with one dish and changing the ingredient in the creme fraiche as it looked a little grey. They found them very helpful on the day but haven't found them overly friendly via email.

    Hope that helps and that everything is going well. If you want to know anymore feel free to email me

  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Hello Everyone..I am getting married at Dodmoor House too, it was the best of all the ones we went to see, so modern yet with classic charm. We haven't booked our caterers yet but on email I'd have to agree Lemon Zest were not that friendly..but the menus look great so we'll see.

    I'd love to hear how everyone's wedding goes if it's before mine. I couldn't get to the open day earlier this year but am planning to go the one later on.

    Luce xx
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    When are you getting married Luce?

    (And congratulations by the way, Dodmoor is by far one of my favourite venues!!!)
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    16 August 2008, when's your wedding day? And thanks....yes it is a lovely place. Congrats to you too! image
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    It'll come round sooner than you think!! Are you starting to look at local suppliers now? What's next on the list?

    I'm already married, I'm planning a wedding at Dodmoor in July and as a planner know many venues but Dodmoor is still one of my favourites image
  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    Thanks Vickie, We went with Clarendons -we had a tasting there recently and found the food to be fantastic.

    To be fair, we found Lemon Zest very good to deal with, bot over the phone and e-mail - we just prefered the food at Clarendons.
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    That's good to know ElizaDee thank you! Another thing ticked off the list for you image

    Do let me know if there are other suppliers you are struggling with and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction

    Good luck with it all!
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    I can't wait!! Yes we are looking at lots of local suppliers, we have a photographer sorted, next is the flowers and a hairdresser/beautician in the area is needed.

    Planning a wedding? What a great job. image
  • Jouk2Jouk2 Posts: 2
    We are also getting married at Dodmoor House too! We only looked around there and just knew it was the place for us, we didn't even look anywhere else! It's so beautiful!

    We haven't booked our caterer yet, we are considering Lemon Zest or GJ catering as we are having a small wedding with a sit down meal(and Clarendons do not really do this) followed by a big evening reception with a BBQ!

    Lucia if you find a local beautician that looks ok I would be interested in their details. I'm not sure if I can afford to have one really, but I'd love to have someone to do my make up as I don't have much of a clue! (don't mind doing my hair as it's naturally curly and I havn't found a hairdresser who can do it well yet!)

    yipee!! Lots of others getting married at Dodmoor! image

  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Hi Jo, I certainly will let you know if I find a good beautician in that area. When's your big day?

    Can anyone recommend any good florists nearby?

  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    Lucia - Try Sofia at the Green Room:

    The prices are very reasonable and they are the preferred supplier of a number of local venues including Althorpe House!!
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Thank you for that info, sounds perfect, I am off to the website now for a look!image
  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    Congratulations Jo and Lucia.

    My wedding isn't until June 2008 - but am trying to get the big stuff sorted this Summer.

    Vickie - thanks so much for the offer of help. I think we have the photographer, and we're talking with Julie-Anna Flowers right now.

    What's everyone planning for walking down the (kind of) aisle? We're thinking of having it in the smaller barn with the seats facing the middle but not sure on music!
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Hi ElizaDee, congratulations to you too! I am planning to start my walk up the aisle from the honeymoon suite door, walk across the courtyard and then enter the barn opposite for the ceremony. I am not having bridesmaids but a flower girl who will walk in front of me and scatter rose petals before me, I'm so excited! Not sure how to do the chairs yet.

    How are you having the tables? Round or length ways? I want a length ways top table and then about four/five round tables.

    L xx:\)
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Hi Vickie1,

    I checked out the florist site, thank you...they look fab! I will be getting some quotes very soon from then.

    Also, do you (or anyone) know where to hire silver candelabras from in the area? I have found somewhere down south but it;s a bit too far to go.

    L xx
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    Hi Lucia,

    Glad you liked the florist, Julie-Anna that Eliza mentioned is very good too.

    Have you asked the florists about candelabras? Sometimes they have them available to hire. Alternatively many catering companies do so depending on which caterer you choose you can ask them. I know Cater-Hire in Worcestershire do but I haven't asked Lemon Zest or Clarendons so it's worth checking!

    Let me know how you get on image
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140

    Thanks for the tip, I'll ask the florist...never thought of doing that, you're a star. I'll also check out the other florist Eliza mentioned.

    I have 458 days to go and yet I still feel there's not enough time! I'm sure it will all come together, especially when we start laying down more money on it. I am soooo excited. Have you seen/organised many weddings at Dodmooor House, Vickie?
  • VCookukVCookuk Posts: 163
    Don't worry, you've got lots of time, you'll get there! The wedding I'm planning is being done in 7 months so you're doing fine!!! This will be my first wedding at Dodmoor, I recommended 3 venues to the couple and they chose Dodmoor (I was really excited as it was my secret favourite!) I've been up to Dodmoor 3/4 times since it opened and have spoken to Mark, Louise and Claire on many occasions and I have never had any problems. A 5* venue in my opinion, shame it isn't bigger so more couples could enjoy the benefits image
  • Lucia76ukLucia76uk Posts: 140
    Hi Vickie1, I've been on hols...sorry for the delay! Yes I agree, a five star venue it is...I haven't seen it yet this year so need to go at some point to meet with Claire, I haven't met her yet.
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