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We're thinking of having a short firework display at the end of our wedding. Has anyone else done this and is able to advise/recommend on what to have or companies that might be reliable.



  • Hi Ruthie!

    We really wanted fireworks, but our venue (A Hotel) wouldn't allow them because they would disturb other guests. We also had them priced at about £1K per minute!

    So, instead we are having some chinese sky lanterns released by a specialist display team (for only £400 for 50 lanterns!!!). I just thought if you haven't heard of these before you might like to take a look! We have used this company:

    I hope find what you need!


  • Thanks, thats a great idea! I'll definetly look into it.

  • oops.. It should be lanteRns, Not lantens!!!
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    the lanterns are a loverly alternative and i think they look just as effective, we are considering taking them with us to St Lucia as i think it would look amazing letting them off over the sea in the dark.... can you picture that? but....... would be be allowed to pack them in a seperate case? becuase they would contain something you would light right?

    i have a feeling im going to need to ask the hotel to order them and get them shipped over ....... image

    theres a lot of T's & c's surrounding them too isnt there... like they cant blow near airports and such hehehe would be just my luck mine would find their way onto the only bladdy landing strip on the island and bring it all to a standstill hehehehe...

    still going to look into it tho as they look lovely xxx
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    selstar fireworks are a good company where we're getting married (south east). They do a couple of wedding displays and reccommended to us that we didn't go longer than about 8 mins or people get bored. prices are from £500 up but to judge it's about £100 per minute unless you want really expensive fireworks or your names written in the sky!

    We ended up buying our fireworks from a display company my Dad knows so got them cheap and we have to do the set-up at our venue ourselves (rope it off, install the fireworks etc) jobs for my brothers me thinks!!
  • purplepunkukpurplepunkuk Posts: 3,187
    we weren't permitted to have fireworks or sky lanterns so check with your venue first!!

    Sian x x x x
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    sky lanterns £150 for 50 here but not by display team)
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474
    We are having fireworks, it was our venue coordinator who gave us the idea. We are going to use the company they recommend and it has to be no later than 10.30.

    Ours are costing £850 for 8 minutes.

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  • brighty48brighty48 Posts: 105, do both DIY and professional displays for weddings. We are hopefully using them for our wedding in 2009.

  • Thanks Guys, thats been really helpful and given me plenty to think about. I'll let you know how we get on - sounds like the first thing we need to do is speak to the venue. But I do like the idea of the Chinese Lanterns hmm - another hard decision to make along with all the others image
  • Hi Girls....

    I was wondering can anybody recommend a laser display company as mentioned by LyndseyC....?!?

    Thanks x
  • We really wanted Chinese lanterns, but can't have them in Ibiza as the land is so dry in summer and they could be a fire risk. A fireworks display was mega expensive. So instead we're having a fire show with two dancers who do things like fire breathing and twirling fire batons, plus a couple of low level fireworks. I think that it will be a really nice way to round off the evening at midnight when we have to turn the music right down.

    If you like the idea of Chinese lanterns have a look at youtube - there are some excellent clips on there.

  • Hi,

    Were having fireworks and its costing £450 for about a 10minute display.
  • Katiechops - that sounds really lovely! And really original.
  • MayadpMayadp Posts: 3
    I have been to a wedding that has had fireworks and that had sky lanterns display and I must say the sky lantern display was just so much more romantic and they last so much longer than fireworks. I know does provide both single box sales and displays.

    I was so impressed with the sky lantern display that I got some individual boxes from Light a Lantern that I will be taking to South Africa with me. Have a look at they have some fancy technology for releasing them in groups and they take the hassle of arranging everything for you.

    Being from South Africa I always think of the animals and what fireworks do them, well perhaps that is only my dog, she hates it.
  • Thanks, Mayadp. I must say I am beginning to be swayed to idea of the chinese lanterns. My H2B comes from Mozambique - practically neighbours with you image
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