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Vaulty Manor venue

Has anyone got married or are getting married at this venue?


  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    The venue itself is lovely, it pretty much has everything. Have you booked it or just looking? We've been there a few times.

  • I have booked it already, just wanted to get some feedback
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    If you search for Vaulty Manor in the top right hand search box, that may bring up some previous threads to be going along with.
  • I have done that, thanks, just looking for someone else who has got married there, so i can ask a few questions
  • teiganukteiganuk Posts: 580

    we have booked vaulty manor 4 next july 7th.
  • Have you had a planning meeting yet? I was just a bit worried because we received a letter in the post asking us for 50% of the total, due beginning of Jan. We haven't had a plannning meeting yet and the only date they have available is 20th December and that it my christmas lunch with work. Just worried they are not giving me the attention I would like/paying for? Had anyone had something similar?

  • Hi, I have thought long and hard about responding to this thread but felt that at least if I mailed you you could check some of thr concerns I had about the place when I attended a wedding there last year.

    the venue itself is very pretty but the accomodation was dreadful. Hopefully this will now have been sorted but we had to pay £100 for a room which was absolutely filthy (I am talking mould, cobwebs and flies) a broken shower, a broken door, no towels and used underwear in the drawers. It was quite disguesting.

    Staff there were dreadful when we asked for help and my friend who was getting married there was misled about how many people they would be able to provide accommodation for which caused her no end of problems.

    If I were booking there I would want to see all of the rooms to check for myself. I am sorry to put a dampener on things and hopefully they will have sorted these issues out but if not at least you can do something about them. Good luck.
  • Oh no, that sounds awful, and i was worried about the planning meetings, if that is the way things are going to go i have got a lot more stress in front of me!!!

    i did see one of the rooms and it seemed really nice to me, i will have another look when i visit again.

    So far, i am not impressed!!
  • Can anyone else shed any light on this, i am really worried now!!
  • Natalie, I didn't want to stress you out. I just think if I had booked there i would be asking to see all the rooms. Sometimes (and I think all hotels do it) they show you the newly refurbished rooms so you don't ever see the older ones.

    We may simply have had a bad experience. I was a bit surprised to see how popular it is as the room we had looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a good few months. Maybe we had an overflow room or something?

    I am sure it will be fine and as I say the actual venue was really nice.
  • Well I have spoken to H2B last night about the situation and we have arranged a planning meeting now for Tuesday 18th December where we will air our concerns and see what she says. We will randomly pick a room to see if its up to our standard and if not, they better get the bleach out!!! I wont stress about it until after the planning meeting now. Thanks for letting me know, this way i am prepared. Thanks
  • Hi Natalie

    I felt I should send a message as I attended a wedding at Vaulty Manor this Saturday just gone (16th Dec 2007). It was my sisters wedding and Vaulty Manor is a dream, you made the right decision. The venue itself is so well run the day was perfect, the food was incredible and the staff was so helpful. I attended the planning meetings with my sister on both occasions (as chief bridesmaid) and the office staff was so helpful and friendly, they really do care about each individual wedding and not about the money. Teresa was really great throughout and was there on the day, liaising with my brother in law and the best man.

    I also stayed over night in one of the rooms which were really lovely and warm, breakfast the next morning was really nice too. Having recently got engaged myself, I am considering going to Vaulty Manor to see about having my wedding there, but I know they are really booked up for next year.

    You really have nothing to worry about, I am 100% positive that your wedding day will be the most amazing day of you life, my sisters was for her.

  • my friend got married at VM last year, great venue, really pretty, food was ok, not amazing though, i do agree though that the rooms are pretty grim, especially for £100
  • I had my reception there in June of this year. Teresa is pretty scary, a bit like a rottweiler, she has definite ideas about how she likes her weddings to run but I dealt with her daughter Tara most of the time who is a bit more relaxed. As for the rooms to my knowledge they were clean, they do have antequated plumbing though, but the food was great, breakfast the next day was very good and most people seemed happy. They used to say they slept 80 but its clearly not true and now their website says they sleep 70 which is much more likely. The bride & groom have a little cottage to themselves (not complimentary though, be warned) ...

    Let me know if you want to know anything else.
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