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Venues in Hertfordshire

Please help - i've just started to plan my wedding and am trying to find nice venues in hertfordshire that do not cost an arm and a leg, better still a venue where we can do everything ourselves and have our own bar etc...has anyone heard of anywhere?


  • If you want to do everything yourself you are best off going for your local town hall, community centre or football/rugby/golf club.
  • I looked around a LOT in Hertfordshire and didn't find anywhere that would be cheap and let you do your own thing. Soz
  • Out of all the places you saw which came across best? Any recommendations? As much as we'd like to do as much as we can ourselves to reduce costs it is looking unlikely!!
  • Where abouts in Herts are you? I only know of a few venues in North Herts.
  • Come from Harpenden and am looking for venues within 30 min drive. We are flexible though.
  • Hmm... not sure whether any of these would be suitable but I might as well show you anyway! - This is my venue! - lovely but not for me - My second choice - A bit more pricey I think

    Or there's this one in Harpenden but I don't know the prices;

  • We are getting married in November at Moor Park in Rickmansworth

    We also looked at in Croxley Green and in Bucks although close to the border with Herts.

    We loved Hunton Park but decided against a marquee which is what they do there. Really very beautiful though!

    Other place worth looking at is The Grange, Northwood

    Happy searching!

    Love Annie x
  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    Hi Ana I'm from Harpenden and had a good look round at venues in Luton, Harp and St A.

    You should get one of the wedding guides. Hertfordshire Celebrations is good. There are so many to list and all range in prices, type of location, package etc. I've chosen Pendley Manor in Tring as it covered all the things we wanted for our day.

    Let us know any you're considering and we might be able to give you some info on them Txx
  • bex02bex02 Posts: 99
    Hi Ana,

    I live in Harpenden too and didnt come across any venues where you could provide your own bar etc I'm afraid. We looked at Glen Eagle Manor and that was the cheapest we found and has a lovely garden if you are planning a summer wedding and a very attractive restaurant area. There is a wedding fair there on Sunday if you wanted a look round.

    I know of someone who got married on Saturday at Ayres End, they had a marquee, but dont know whether they sorted all the food and drink themselves or whether it comes as part of a package. We couldnt find any info about the place when we looked though!

    Sorry I cant be any more help!
  • [Hi Txx,

    Thanks for this, we are actually considering Tewin bury farm, it looks the nicest and although can't provide own food has a corkage option so extra drinks could work out cheaper. Also got some info on Hatfield House (looks expensive but nice)

    Would appreciate any inforamtion! x
  • I am having exactly the same problem as you - I am from Hemel and have requested so many information packs, but found that some are just extautionate in pricing.

    As was mentioned in an earlier post, I would look for halls and clubs. I went to a friends recently in Chipperfield and it looked absolutely beautiful. They did themselves totally and kept cost down massively!

    I hope you find something perfect!................hope I do too!

    D x
  • Hi,

    It is so difficult deciding and some of the prices are so scary they make you run a mile.

    I really liked a place called the Priory in Little Wymondley but it was several thousand pounds just to hire the venue so I had to re think that one fairly fast.

    Have you considered Ware Priory? I am a bit biased as we have booked there, but it is very beautiful outside and in the Priory Hall, and not as extortionate as a lot of the places in Hertfordshire.

    The staff have been nothing but helpful, we've had lots of questions and they are always happy to help.

    We also thought the Thistle St Albans was nice, although they never got back to us.

    And Aldenham Country Club, though they weren't the friendliest either.

    Good luck.
  • I know what you mean about Aldenham Country club - the lady i spoke wasn't that friendly either and although we haven't see it yet we're a bit put off by it being a public golf course and there not being any exclusivity at all from the sounds of it, though it sounded ok priced!

    I think Ware priory - looks gorgeous but i think is too far away for us!
  • Yep, Aldenham is more reasonably priced, and the views onto the greens etc are pretty, and you have the patio, but, there is the public/members bar on the other side of 'your' bar, and they are not sealed off so we worried if you would hear the noise through of all the drinkers on the other side. Plus they didn't seem to want to appear that interested or devote much time to us as I say.

    Thanks for your comment about Ware I am really pleased as I'm not sure how many other people have come across it/haven't had many opinions on it, but we like it and could see ourselves there, so have gone for it though it's 30-40 mins from us.

    I think deciding on a venue is obviously one of the hardest things. And, if you're anything like me, whilst not wanting to rush, you want to get it sorted so that you can start thinking about other things.
  • actually i've been getting Ware priory adn somewhere else cnofused, i've just had a look at the link and is not the place i thought which was in Sawbridgebury, so i've just sent off for information. Any details you could give me would be great!
  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    Hi Ana,

    Tewin is lovely...would look into it quick though I've heard they can be booked up at least 2-3yrs in advance for the popular summer weeks if that's when your interested in.

    Hat House-Is that in the old Stables? I was very keen on here. Went to visit and they had knocked the whole thing down and were rebuilding it. The site manager said they had a wedding in 3 weeks. Gosh if I were the bride I would have been pooping myself-it was just a shell!

    I've not been back there to see it finished, though he let us look at the plans and although the outside kept to the old style inside was more of a conference/exhibition hall. Clinical, glass balcony etc. Just not what we were looking for. Having said that HH is stunning and the grounds leading through the estate would be a majoe WOW factor for you guests driving in. Also if you like the attention it was right next to the public courtyard so lots on on lookers when you get your pics taken.

    There seem to be lots of fayres going on this Sun in Herts, can you try and get to a few for ideas?

  • Hi Ana,

    Sure! It's a lovely old building dating from 1338 I think!

    There are various rooms, we have gone for the Priory Hall which is beautiful, with stained glass windows, kind of feels 'right' for a wedding even though not a church if that makes sense.

    Depends on your numbers, we are thinking of a fairly small wedding, 40 ish in the day, with 20 ish more in the evening, and this room is fine for that. You also get another room, with a bar in, that is linked to the hall. They also have a conservatory if you want a bigger, more modern reception.

    Form next year they are building a new venue next to the priory for bigger weddings.

    You can use their grounds, pretty gardens for photos, and there are some pretty spots, little bridges, arches, and swans etc! Think they have a wedding fayre on the 22nd October so you could go along?

    They also have a free wedding planner cd which they sent me which is quite handy. Think you can request it on the website.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Ana

    I'm getting married in Oct 07 and have booked Tewin Bury Farm. Weve got the thythe barn and went for one of the drinks packages as when we worked out the corkage for own drink it seemed fairly pricey. The venue is lovely and the food is really good. Staff also seem very nice. a firend of mine ogt married there two years ago and it was lovely.

    hope you find the right place.
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