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Bands? DJ?

Hi all! still in the beginning stages of planning our wedding....!!

Just started to look at bands Djs etc.. We are in the Essex/Hertofrdshire area and are really limited. Also the bands seem to be quite expensive i think?

We have heard and got prices etc from China Grove, Mixed feelings, Diva, and the cheapest is 4k plus vat is that the going rate?

Any other ideas?



  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989
    Hi, i'm paying approx 1200. 00 for my band, thats for 3x45min sets and to dj in between, i'm in Lancashire so nowhere near you but that sounds a little expensive to me. Is this through a agent because alot of brides on here say of you book the band direct it's cheaper, i've done that with mine
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Yeh it seems to be they are all through one agency and every one that isnt seems to have an agent!! but the agency that has about 20 of them seems to have conered the market round here i think!!

    i think its alot of money!!
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    damn! that is expensive . sorry but i personally would nt

    pay that ,, all the members of the band need paying ,so yea i guess thats why its dear ,,,
  • hello! we've got a 4 piece motown band playing at our reception and we are paying 1100, we got them through an agency but they seemed to represented by quite a few different agencies and when i rang round the same band varied in price from 1700 to 1100!! i also think it depends on whereabouts you live, i'm from london and getting married Essex / Suffolk border. Have you thought about getting a solo singer instead? I was at a wedding last year and they had a bloke singing who was brilliant! He really got everybody on their feet! x
  • I have booked live music for my wedding day and evening reception through and I am not paying anywhere near 4k and the bands are really good quality.
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    That site looks really good but i doubt they will come out to Essex? will mail them tho!

    I would love to have a string or jazz band and then for the actual wedding and receptiong and then a band for the dancing later on... but now im really going over the top!!

    I had budgeted 3.5k for both but its not going to happen, because im so close to london everyone seems to bump ther prices up!

  • Hi MrsBond2be

    I just spoke to the silverdog people when I got my contract through and they said that they have loads bands and musicians all around the uk and cater for budgets from £1000 to £4000 for evening bands so I would ask them to help you. I'm paying £720 for 2 hrs at my day reception and £1400 for evening band. could have paid more if I wanted a bigger band but didn't have the money boo hoo

  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    oh really! thats good! i will give them a call to see what they have in my area - did u go to see your bands before u chose them!?

  • Well I had sort of heard of the band that I am having in the day but I didn't go and see the one I have for the evening. I heard music samples & they sent me playlists and and details of what clients they have had in the past. I did ask about seeing bands live but it would mean I would have had to gatecrash someone else's wedding because the bands in the higher price brackets don't tend to play in pubs etc Good luck!!
  • MrsBond2b, a band I have worked with before at a wedding is Loose Juice, They are mainly a jazz/funk band based in Cambridge. They are mainly instrumental but for weddings will use a singer depending on what style you want. If you contact their manager, Daniel (details on the contact page) and tell him what you are looking for, he may be able able to help.

    He is not an agency but arranges festivals so knows lots of bands so if Loosejuice is not suitable he may be able to recommend someone else. I spoke to him this morning and he said he doesn't mind if anyone contacts him. Most of the bands will be based in East Anglia/Essex/Herts though.
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