I dont seem to be coming across many Cleveland brides here! I am getting married on 11/10/08 at my local church and having my reception at Rushpool Hall Hotel, I am so organised everything is done for now, just waiting for bridesmaid dresses then I can sort suits out. Let me know who you are, where your from, your venue et c x x x x x x


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    I dont seem to be coming across many Cleveland brides here! I am getting married on 11/10/08 at my local church and having my reception at Rushpool Hall Hotel, I am so organised everything is done for now, just waiting for bridesmaid dresses then I can sort suits out. Let me know who you are, where your from, your venue et c x x x x x x
  • hi - i'm from co.durham which isnt too far away. I'm getting married 06/09/08 at my local church and the recption is at Shotton Hall. Everything is organised too - just waiting for it to come round now!
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    Hiya, I'm between Guisborough and Saltburn, and I'm getting married at Rushpool Hall too, on Dec 27th 2008, with the ceremony at our church in Guisborough image

    Such a beautiful place... we were planning to get married in the Peak District (where my fella's from), but went to a wedding fayre there (just for ideas) and booked it pretty much there and then!

    I've heard lots of good reports about it, so I think it's a good choice!
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    Hi Emma04 and Coire, thanks for replying I felt a bit lonely out here! Feel free to indulge more details your dress, colour schemes etc! I used to work at Rushpool Hall about 15 years ago and loved doing the weddings there and personally thought it would be out of our price range and was shocked when it wasnt, was originally going to Hunley Hall Golf Club in Brotton but Rushpool was only about £100 more! We are in the Gold Room and have picked the bridal suite in the turret I cant wait til next October I am gonna explode! We will have to keep each other posted on how things go between now and our wedding dates, its nice to have some local buddies x x Emma04 you sound as organised as me I dont know what to do with myself now eveythings in place! xx
  • hi

    I am a mother of the bride my daughter rachel is getting married in yarm 25th may 08 and reception at the tall trees
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    Hi Lucyjay, I know the Tall Trees, very nice venue for a wedding, bet your gonna be very proud, my mum is loving all this wedding planning! x x
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    rachael so pleased you started this thread as i was starting to feel a bit lonely!

    I'm from Hartlepool and getting married on the Headland then reception at the historic quay 7th June 08. can't wait!

    would anyone like to arrange a meet in middlesborough maybe?

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    I was lonely too and everyone seemed to be from other parts of the country except here! I was in hartlepool last night having a chinese at the Lotus Garden on the Marina, it was lovely! I think thats near the Historic Quay isnt it (dont know anywhere past Middlesbrough really!!) Lets hope we have more Cleveland brides then we can have a big get together, what dress are you having Krugie, bm's, colour schemes etc? x x
  • Hi, I'm i New Marske (near Redcar),

    We're getting married on 19 july 2008 at St Cuthberts in Ormesby, having the reception at the Wainstones in Great Broughton. I can't wait!


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    Hi LeanneB, everyone is getting closer to me! I actually live in Brotton I always put middlesbrough cos noone has ever heard of Brotton but I am sure you have. Have you got your dress and everything planned? Wish mine was sooner, not til October and everything is done! xxx
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    Hi rachael,

    sorry to post and run on friday! my dress is top secret and only the 2 mums have seen it but i'll put a pic on here if you can tell me how to do it, although will have to be tom when i'm at work as i daren't keep a pic on our home pc incase h2b stumbles on it by accident! the BM's are in a claret colour which was as near to the red that h2b wanted as i dared go!! (he's a scouser so suppports liverpool). the rest of the colour scheme is clret and cream, we're having cream vendela roses for the boquets and mine will have tiny red orchids in too. we're having claret table clothes at the venue with cream settings etc and table centre.

    the historic quay is just over the dock from lotus garden, its where the tall ship (HMS Trincomalee) is docked. everyone knows Lotus garden!!!!!

    what are you having?

    we should arrange a big cleveland girls meet for after xmas


    ps. i know Brotton, nice village (i used to work with a lad that was from there)
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    Small world isnt it! My colour scheme is claret too, my dress is gold and my two girls are in ivory and claret and the blokes are in claret too, my dress is by Estes couture and its called Gigi. If you want to put the website pic of your dress on here then just copy and paste the website address and we can just use the link to get to the webpage but if you want to download directly onto here you have to have the pic on facebook or photobucket and then copy it from there. this is me in my dress (without alterations etc) excuse my grumpy face but I had to take it myself cos my mam couldnt work my phone!

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    I am currently having a wobble about the dress I bought the first I tried on but feel like I should have tried more on so gonna have another day of trying just so I feel like I have had my fair share but hopefully wont find another dream dress!!

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    Forgot to say I have created my own wedding path website, its easy and I think everyone should have one, mine is, people can type on your noticeboard or upload photos after the wedding and even send an RSVP to your weddingpath site to do it just click onto and go from there its great! xx
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    Hi rach,

    i'm soooo excited as we've just booked our honeymoon to new york for thanksgiving next year!!!!! think i'm more excited about that than the wedding at the moment!!!!

    your dress is lovely, where is it from? i only tried on about 5 dresses. i'd seen 2 that i loved at a wedding show and tried both of those on, dragged my mum from newcastle to middlesbrough and then chester-le-street over the course of 2 days until i finally decided on the one from pronuptia in boro which she'd liked at the wedding show and i hadn't liked it at all! felt totally different when i put it on though and was torn between that one (hopefully there will be a link at the bottom of this!) and a limited ed maggie sotero in chester-le-street.

    the dress is called Diva but the picture i have on my pc at work looks lots better than this (think this one looks little different to mine too which is strange). its a very pale like vanilla typr colour and its very pride and prejudice-y (the film not bbc version). i love it its very me but its also not something that i would have chosen myself!

    if you've already chosen your dress and bought it i'd be wary of dress 'window' shopping as you might fall in love with another one. can i ask, why did yuo go for the first one you tried?

    rach (krugie) xxx

    am just going to have a look at your wedding site now. ours is

    c ya xxxx

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    Your dress is gorgeous!! I did try others on but this was the first and I just fell in love immediately, the others didnt do anything for me when I tried them on and the main reason I ended up with this one was it was reduced from £1000 to £500! My budget was £500 and I would never have got a dress on a par with this one for the same price. I tried a few sale sample dresses in Pronuptia that were more than mine and nowhere near as nice, I did try one in there that wasnt in the sale that was very similar to mine but was £1495!! Gonna have a look at your weddingpath site now too x x
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    Have just looked and yours is great! How did you get your accomodation and venue pics on? All I could do was add a link to mine? I am pretty cack on computers!! xx
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    Rachael - when you go to edit the pages of your site there is a link at the bottom that lets you upload images from your pc onto the site. its really easy to do, just like adding an attachement to an email.

    i love my wedding dress, keep looking at the picture i have on my pc, looks loads different to the one on the link. was quite shocked really as its a dress my mam liked and i didn't, totally different when i put it on though!

    your dress is lovely, and you're so slim! can't beleive you got it for that price, you did well there girl!
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    Rachael - I live in Boosbeck, so very close to you!

    I'm so disorganised compared to everyone else, still need to find my dress.. well, do everything really! But that's my thing for the Christmas hols, whilst I've not got uni to worry about!
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    Hi Coire, just round the corner!! How old are you? Probably younger than me if you go to Uni! I went to school with loads of girls from Boosbeck and Lingdale (we went to Warsett) When do you get married and where are you having your do? If you hang on til after Xmas with your dress you might get yourself a lovely bargain when the new collections come out! Pretty Picture (middlesbrough) is the best and nicest shop in our area although I think there is one in Guisborough but I didnt know about that one til recently. Krugie, I will have a go at that, I wondered if you did it that way so tried taking a photo but dont know how to upload so will need to get H2B to do that for me, thanks for the comments on my dress I had my wobble today so went to Principia and totally got over it when not a single dress I liked and they totally ignored me for half an hour til I walked out! And a girl was in there in tears cos they messed her order up felt very sorry for her x x x x
  • Hi,

    Live in London but from Yarm and h2b is from Washington. I am getting married in Yarm and having reception in Durham. Finding it hard to organise wedding from so far awayimage. When are you all getting married?
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    hi rach - can't beleive they had a girl in tears, thats awful. poor thing.

    Dubsie - welcome to our little thread. I'm getting married 7th June in Hartlepool.

    where is your reception? Yarm to Durham seems a long way???

    krugie x
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    Hi Dubsie and welcome to the Cleveland girls thread! I am getting married on 11/10/08 if i havent internally combusted by then! I am all ready to get married this Saturday I am so organised!! x xx
  • Hi girls,

    Having reception at Durham Castle so it should be worth the journey! Thinking of putting on buses for everyone. What do you think? Has everyone booked their photographer or florist? They are on my list to do over Christmas hols
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    Hello everyone I'm from middlesbrough getting married 22.08.08 at

    st marys acklam and reception gisbrough hall. Got a lot of things sorted but looking for help with make-up artist, most of you are before me so please pass on recommendations!!

    Been to a fantastic wedding this year at the tall trees but it was my sister's so I wanted somewhere dif. Theres not much on here about gis hall, would love to hear from anyone who's been to a wedding there.

    Bus is def a good idea then people can relax and have a drink. x

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    welcome to the newbies, nice to hear from you.

    I agree, buses would be an excellent idea if you can afford to do it. plus gives you the added satisfation that you know everyone will be at the venue on time for the reception!

    one of the guys in my office is getting married at gisborough hall in august and they seem quite happy with what they've organised although i know they've booked the whole place out though just to make sure its totally private. plus his w2b didn't want to walk into the loo and bump into another bride (one reason we didn't want to have our reception in a hotel!). will needle him for some info!!

    krugie xx
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    Hi rosemaryclooney and welcome, my friend had her reception at Guis Hall last year and she LOVED it, I went to a wedding fayre there a few weeks ago and its very nice, bit pricey for us so we opted for Rushpool Hall, are you having the ultra massive bridal suite? My friend was offered one complimentary or could pay half the normal price for the huge one! I am sure your wedding will be super there x when do you get married? Not sure about make up I havent ventured into that subject yet it just seems the usual con of tell them its for a wedding and they charge a bloody fortune, fortunately my usual hairdresser works in a salon with a beauty section so I might try there and have it all done there on the day x x Krugie, thanks for my post on my wedding path site! Didnt even know that was on there!! Thanks x
  • hi all, live in darlington but having wedding at Scarborough! I don't even know if I can have it there now. We went down all the way to look at the location (Raven Hall) and fell in love with it then emailed the manager to have a provisional type booking for 28th Sep 2008. All thats left was to send a cheque to put my deposit down for the room hire, which i was going to do in the new year to avoid all the mad rush in Royal mail. Now, it seems like there isn't too many rooms (for the guests who are staying the night) and I'm worried sick.

    Rang them up and the manager was doing a wedding and couldn't really talk to me and handed me to a receptionist, who sorta implied they might not be able to do a wedding on that day because they have another birthday party going on ( which is probably why the rooms are almost fully booked up). Should I be angry? I am kicking myself for not being a bit more firm with the receptionist and insisting that the manager had already said the date was free for us and quoted us prices for the rooms etc.

    Anyway, sorry for ranting on.

    My colleague had her wedding in Rushpool as well and everyone loved the location!
  • Hiya all, I'm from south shields and getting married at The Little Haven Hotel in south shields on 13/06/08. Can't wait!!!!


  • Hi, I am from Stanley (Near Consett) Co. Durham. Our wedding reception is to be held at the South Causey Hotel., we have booked Tim French Photography for our wedding, he's great, his website is xx
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