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table name signs

Did post this earlier but I cant find it on the forum! If you are namng your tables how are you making the signs for the holders on the tables? Mine are called after the Loveheart sweets ( same as the invitations) and there are love heart favours for everyone. however, I've tried printing Hug Me etc on coloured paper, laminating it and cutting in to a circle/heart but they look like something a 5 year old would do!

What's everyone else doing? I get married in 2 weeks and at this rate will buy table numbers cos it's stressing me out!


  • have you tried scanning in love heart sweets or photo copying them then blowing the image up? dont know how big it would go before it distorts but if you think most table place cards are about post card size it might be worth a go, let me know how you get on x
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I am just getting some thick card and making numbers out of the same confetti that is spread on the table, quite simple but will hopefully look nice!
  • it might be worth just getting a quote from a local printer as you might be surprised at the cost. can't help to check
  • ended up making circles out of pink glittery paper and cutting hearts with Hug Me etc on purple paper, laminating it and cutting out the circle, they look a bit 'home made' but not too bad actually!!!
  • Hey Missy x

    I recently did table names for a gala dinner which was based around sweet names,:\) what i did was get one image of the love hearts:

    print off on A4 and folded it in half but typed the name of each one on to the pages. Its hard to picture but it looks just as good, i could email over an example if you want me to? Let me know, but its a wonderful idea and i hope it all goes well!

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