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Anyone been to Wood Hall, Wetherby?


Has anyone been to a wedding or having their wedding at Wood Hall, Linton, Wetherby?

I have looked on the web and it looks fantastic, but obviously it is not cheap when calculating costs. I was hoping I would get some feedback from all you excited brides and brides2be!

Many thanks.

Sally x


  • Hi Sally,

    I haven't been there but it looks absolutely gorgeous on the web & I did enquire about having my reception there but it was just too way over our budget ... I wouldn't have been able to fill all the bedrooms so worked out it would cost me a few grand on these before even started on the food and drink etc and i think if you have a wedding on a Saturday you have to book 2 nights though this could've been a rule at another place i contacted quite a few places!

    If it's within your budget i'd go for it as i've heard it's beautiful with great views etc.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for that! It does look lovely but have not enquired about prices!! I am struggling to save loads for the wedding as we have just bought a new house and it is really difficult when people start saying minimum numbers and minimum number of nights!!

    We would like an intimate wedding with excellent food, as my h2b is a foodie!!

    Any suggestions out there would be welcome - looking at lincolnshire, nottinghamshire, south yorkshire and north yorkshire!!
  • tcheynetcheyne Posts: 133
    I haven't been to a wedding there but I have spent the night there. It is absolutely lovely. There is a great spa attached, it's in a beautiful setting and has a really relaxed intimate feel. We also had dinner which was great and there's a lovely little bar. We'd have loved to get married there but our numbers were too large. I'd encourage you to find out about prices and if it's in your budget go and visit- it's lovely.
  • We are looking at Wood Hall too. Have you requested the wedding information pack? Its really good, got lots of information in it. We are also looking at woodlands and Oulton Hall. Where else are you looking? We want something in/around the Leeds area really. When are you getting married??

    S xx
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