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Cancelled venue!!!

Hi everyone

Got a letter this morning - our reception venue has ceased to trade and has cancelled our wedding reception and returned our deposit.

Anybody got any ideas of where I can ask now!!

Our service is on 26th April 2008 in Doveridge next to Uttoxeter and we were looking for somewhere quinitisentially English as a number of our guests are coming from Austria.

I'm in a right panic!!



  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    blimey! that's awful news, did you look anywhere else before picking that one?
  • Yes .. a couple but they were wrong for one reason or another, we've dined at this place a few times and thought it really lovely.

    We only moved here about 15 months ago so don't really know the area that well or who to ask!
  • you poor thing, at least you got your deposit back so thats something.

    have you tried a venue website? it might give you a starting point. The one below is good, good luck x
  • katewasskatewass Posts: 1,692
    or try your local district council, they will probably have a list of venues registered etc for weddings and receptions

    good luck
  • barbird2barbird2 Posts: 676
    hi jenniemac, where is the venue that has cancelled???

    have you tried riversholme? - only there are in rocester - uttoxeter, not been there myself, but thats one venue that i havent seen advertised and i think they have just started doing weddings.

    i am lichfield way, and have seen the room at the Barton Marina upstairs, which is great, only downside is there is no accomdation.

    how about acton trussel moat house?? very quintesentially english, but i know they have a few weddings going on at the same time.

    there is whiston hall, cheadle????

    hope that helps. x
  • emmagroeemmagroe Posts: 455
    Oh you poor thing - sorry no advice other than to say I really hope that you get this sorted out and can start looking forward to your wedding again.
  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    barbird2 - it was the riversholme we had booked - they've stopped trading they say. Also the Moat House at Acton Trussell was our second choice and they are booked but they have the Sunday and our Vicar who is a friend can come so have contacted the Church Warden to see if Church is free on the Sunday. Just waiting to hear. It seems the easiest option as not surprisingly all the venues I blitzed over the weekend are booked.

    Thanks everyone
  • barbird2barbird2 Posts: 676
    sorry to hear that jeannie, only saw an advert for riversholme, seems a shame as advert looked quite nice!!!, staffordshire is seriously lacking in weddin venues have to admit!!!!

    we are getting married at the guild hall in lichfield - its a stunning room, and other people have actually had wedding ceremony and reception there!! - dont know if thats worth a try. it is very very cheap as well, something like £50 an hour to hire, plus you can hire their bar for something like £30!!! fully staffed!! - and they have info for outside caterers, it is a stunning room, vaulted ceilings, quite medieval! - something the austrains may enjoy!!!??? for accomodation there is the george hotel in lichfield just short walk away, could do with a refit part of best western chain, so not too bad.......

    hope everything works out........

  • Hi everyone and a big thank you to all your suggestions. We are sorted!! We managed to shift everything to the Sunday so we could get the Moat Hotel at Acton Trussell after all. Strangely this was actually our first choice but we discounted it because of distance. Downside because of the last minute had to pay £1000 deposit!!

    The Riversholme was lovely. We had dined there a few times and loved it. Quietly elegant in an understated kind of way and superb attention to detail. We had an early Christmas meal there last year and stayed overnight - really magical to wake up in the morning to see the views from the window. I know there was illness within the family maybe that's why. Still everything happens for a reason and I was always slightly worried about the restriction on numbers. Now we can be not so brutal about leaving people off the invite list!

    Got a 15% discount from the printers to reprint the invitations so I guess we came out of it poorer but wiser.

    Oh what a relief!!
  • barbird2barbird2 Posts: 676
    glad you got sorted jenniemac have great christmas x
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