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First dance...........learning the tango what do you think??


I have been married before,and i remember my first dance, it was awful just standing there swaying for what felt like half an hour and everyone politely watching and smiling.

Well this time round i have got my other half (who is a builder, and will never live it down in front of his mates, but is good for a laugh) to learn the tango (its dead easy).

I told my CBM of our plans and her and her husband are going to join us for our first dance.

I dont know what song im going to dance to but what do you think???????

Do you think it will be embarassing or a good ice breaker,


  • Fran44Fran44 Posts: 136
    Great idea! We're going to have secret lessons to learn to waltz. There are some funny first dances on Youtube where the couple start a traditional dance and then really go for it in a body pop style. Wish I were brave enough to do that! image
  • salsaspinsalsaspin Posts: 4,098
    Good for you! I hate nothing more than watching couples do "the rotating hug"!

    Are you learning ballroom tango or Argentine tango? I've done some Argentine tango and it was great fun.

    I help teach a salsa class so would never live it down if I didn't do a proper dance! Just got to convince h2b now image
  • I think that is fantastic. H2b and I have been discussing this lately, he is really up for it. Will just need to find somewhere to learn and some time to do it in!!
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    ooh i really want to do this!

    definitely planning on having dance lessons before the wedding - H2B has got the moves but not the timing (he dances to the rhythm of his own drum!) - but just not sure WHICH dance to learn

    if he's up for it then it might have to be the tango!

    is anyone a Frasier fan? one of my favourite episodes is the one where Daphne teaches Niles to dance and they do the tango and Niles shouts "Oh Mama, I've got it all!" (in what's supposed to be a South American accent) classic! image
  • We're learning to foxtrot for our first dance. It's so much fun!! HTB was really apprehensive to start with, but he's really enjoying it too. It's a lovely thing to do together and eases the tension in the run up to the wedding. As long as you don't take yourselves too seriously!

    Highly recommended!
  • Mrs R-2-B - we are also learning to foxtrot and had our last lesson on Sunday with the wedding in 12 days!! We're off to Ireland on Sunday so are going to practice lots before we get there but we did really enjoy it and I know it will look so much better on the day that just the dreaded sway!! We wanted a particular song - Suddenly by Angry Anderson - and that was the best dance that fitted to it as you can speed it up or slow it down depending on the size steps you take. I would have loved to learn to tango though! With the rose in the mouth!! Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing Zepher as they have done tangos to modern songs but I can't remember which ones they chose! It might be on the website? xx
  • We had dance lessons, and I can honestly say that it was the best thing I ever convinced my husband to do! The nerves kicked in about 5 minutes before the dance, I have never felt so sick in all my life, but after the first step, I really loved it!!

    I would have loved someone else to join us, that would have been so cool!
  • Kate1515Kate1515 Posts: 233
    We've been learning to dance for a while anyway but have decided to do Rhumba as a wedding dance - we can't wait but I have started to get more and more nervous about it as time goes by! People know we go to lessons anyway so I think they are expecting something amazing!!! Not gonna happen - haha!
  • Good luck Sarah d1 with your foxtrot! Let us know how it goes. We've kept schtum about having lessons - everyone is expecting the usual embarrassed shuffle to a slow number so it will hopefully be a nice surprise (and a bit of a laugh) for everyone. My only real concern is if we miss our timing or forget a step - because it's so hard to pretend it didn't happen and carry on!
  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    MrsRafique2B - check this out!!!

    Oh Mama! I've got it all!!! LOL!!!!

  • zepherukzepheruk Posts: 436
    Hi Sarad1,

    H2B and i got a free cd in the Sunday Mail called learn to dance, and a few friends and i came back from the pub a bit worse for wear and put it on for a laugh, well the tango is defo the easiest so thats why we are doing it, we will go for classes and learn it properly before the big day, but the cd was actually good enough to learn from, and a good laugh x
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    yay thanks leafy! image now i have something to do this morning at work heheimage
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