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Reception in a Barn!


I am getting married in August 2008, we are having the reception at a family friends farm in the barn, it has been used for weddings and partys but I need some inspiration of how to decorate it. Ideas I have are fairy lights and lots of flowers. Its basically a blank canvas. I still have to decide what colours im going to have!

Its a lovely venue as the house is a grand country house and on arrival we will have drinks on the lawn, there is nothing around for miles just fields and woodland, I just want to make the barn look really special!

Has anyone else got married in a barn that isnt run as a wedding venue?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or tips

B x


  • Pipsyuk1Pipsyuk1 Posts: 766
    Aww it sounds lovely!! you could make it a very romantic county theme with fairy lights, candles and bunting scattered around and also flowers like you suggested. I would keep everything you use i.e the fairy lights and tables cloths/chair covers white or ivory, then once you've decided on your colours (normally determined by bridesmaid dresses and mens suits) you could incorporate it in the flowers, as for candles you could have a mix of ivory and whatever other colour you go for.

    Id hang the bunting up a height so it draws the eye upwards to the tall ceilings and id have loads of different height candles and flower arrangements dotted around, id drape the fairy lights around doors and windows (if any) and along top table and around cake table (if you're having a cake)

    Hope ive helped, it sounds really nice and what you are saving on venue fee will mean you can get lovely candelabras and candle holders and beautiful flowers

    one more tip - i wouldnt worry to much about everything looking perfectly matched and immaculate i think with your venue it could look so relaxed and quirky

    Good Luck xx
  • Hi Missbm,

    I'm also getting married in a barn which is a completely blank canvas! Was a bit intimidated but as soon as I saw my florist we came up with lots of great ideas. Our barn is split into two 'rooms' - the main hall where we'll have the wedding breakfast and then another smaller hall where the bar and dancefloor is. There is an archway between the two rooms so I'm having a big arch of flowers between the two rooms to create a focal point. I'm also dotting tea lights in the little crevices in the walls, putting church candles in the little slat windows and hiring in some big wrought iron candleabras which we'll hang from the ceiling. In the corners of the room I'm having some big storm lanterns on pedastals, again with flowers inside the lantern.

    On the tables, we're having big glass storm lanterns with a church candle inside and filled with flowers, with more flowers around the outside and tea lights.

    Outside, we're having a few hay bails dotted around for seating, some flaming torches for later in the evening and possibly some bunting. We're also putting a couple of outdorr tables and chairs with parasols up for the older guests, and a pair of bay trees decorated with flwers either side of the barn doors.

    I'm having big pale pink David Austin roses, some kind of cream flower and pale blue cornflowers for my flowers. I wanted something very rustic and natural to go with the venue.

    Your barn sounds wonderful. When in August are you getting married? I'm getting married on September 6th - can't wait!!

  • Hi Pipsy and JayJo

    Thanks for your quick replies you have great ideas, I like the idea of bunting and candles. Like you say JayJo its intimidating and overwhelming because a barn is so big and I am worried that my details will get lost because there is such a big space to fill. Also it may be a little dark during the day so I wanted to brighten it up a bit so the candles and fairy lights will do that!

    Love the idea of hay bails!

    JayJo you sound like you have it all sorted! Im not very organised and havent really decided on much (apart from venue, band, photographer and dress) Still have no colour theme. Ahhhhhhhhhh

    We get married 9th august and my married name is going to be Barnes! so it fits in well (ha ha)

    Thanks again xx
  • Ha ha! Very appropriate! Yes, we have been pretty orgnaised but only because we found that everything got booked up so quickly!

    In terms of your colour scheme, if you've chosen your dress then that's a good starting point interms of what would go with that. When I chose my colour scehem for flowers I thought about the colours of flowers that I usually buy and they are always cream/white, pink and purple, so thought I should stick with those! I think I'm going to get some powder blue bridesmaid dresses to tie it all together. I really think the best thing to go with is the colour(s) you usually wear or like.

    You're right about the lighting, my barn's really dark inside as well so we're also having a gel uplighter in each corner to lift it a bit - don't want it looking like some kind of grotto though!

    Good luck with everything! x
  • Hi - I got married in Sept and we had our reception in a barn. It is used a lot for weddings but I was determined to decorate it differently so I did not have any of their decorations so effectively had a blank canvas to then decoarate as I wanted - I made all the decorations etc myself so be prepared for hours of work if you are going to do that but it was quite fun and I am really glad I did it. One word of advice - get other people to set up on the day - I had an on-the-day co-ordinator which was great as she sorted it all (along with my fab florist!!).

    these are my pics

  • WOW Vicki those photo's are lovely,the barn looks great! me and H2B just had a look. I like your flowers especially the ring you had hanging on the door! and today I have actually been thinking about having pale pink.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

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