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Venue Help - Am i being unrealistic??

Hi Ladies

Wondering if there's anybody who can help me, we got engaged in June this year and set a date for July 2009, however I have nothing booked and I am getting slightly concerned now as time seems to be flying.

The main problem I have is the venue, I've been looking around at a few different options but my main concern is budget, We have 130 people coming and I want to keep the costs quite low. I've seen a few of these all inclusive midweek options around which I would be very interested but they tend to be for 60 people. I was wondering if anybody knew of any venues which did per person, we are looking for something around £30 pp for meal and a few drinks, however i'm not sure if I am being totally unrealistic and living in a dream world!

We live in East London so we would be looking for something in the South East area, up to an hour out of London.

Many Thanks! :\)


  • Hey laura

    I dont think you have any problems with time left -y ou have plenty of time- you just need to be organised - approach it methodically.

    I got engaged in july this year and we are getting married next august.

    So you can definately arrange everything in time - just try not to let it all get on top of you at once and look at it in chunc. good idea to get venue sorted first though.

    As to locations - all depends on what sort of thing you are looking for. We are getting married in oxfordshire - but have about half number fo guests to you - best thing to do is to do a web search - narrow it down to 3 or 4 places then go and view them - def go see this number as you will be suprised how different places that look similar can feel - and you get to meet the people who work there who will be in charge of the organisation for your day - so it helps if you like/feel you can trust them.

    Good luck image
  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Hi Laura, congratulations!!!

    Have you looked at venues in Essex, there a few but I'm not sure of the prices . . there is Parklands (we went to see it and it looked great but we decided to get married in Yorkshire instead!) There is Gaynes Park Barnes (near Epping) - this is a gorgeous venue and perfect for summer but I think it is quite expensive. If we hadn't booked in Yorkshire I think that would have been the one I wanted!!! Good luck - let us know how you get on xx
  • Thank you ladies, I am going to get on to this now. I will let you know how I do

  • BlytheukBlytheuk Posts: 243
    There are lots of wedding venues in Kent - try The online magazine can be pretty good too!
  • A friend of my sister, picked a venue. She then rang caterers and asked for a quote for a celebration meal, without mentioning the W word, and was quoted £10.99per head. Got her own booze in so I think your budget is doable. The more people, the more likely it is the price comes down. Only problem is finding a venue that holds 130!
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