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Marquees in Winter?


We got engaged a couple of months ago and are looking at getting married next christmas. I have always wanted to get married in my grandma's garden but am now umming and arghing about having a marquee in December. Is anyone else thinking about doing this - main concern obviously is heat? I need some one to convince me that it will be OK otherwise we will have to look for venues and most of them are already booked!




  • We're getting married December 2008 and are just waiting for a quote from a marquee company who are looking at lining our venue (village hall) with a marquee - sounds odd I know but you get the feeling you're in one without having to worry too much about heating, let alone wind/rain/snow etc!
  • NJSNJS Posts: 16
    Wow - that was our second option! The village hall is right next door and to make it look completely different we thought about lining it - I am meeting with marquee companies in early Jan to get quotes on both. Let me know what yours say and I will keep you posted on mine. Where are you getting married?
  • vics8vics8 Posts: 1,873
    Hi NJS,

    I'm getting married next winter too (20/12/08) and we're having a marquee.

    The company we're using has allowed us into one of their marquees recently to see how warm it will be and it was lovely and toasty.

    They have these industrial heaters which work on a thermostat to get warmer or cooler, throughout the marquee, if needed and they are very quiet.

    Hope this helps you with all of your plans and decisions.

    Good luck

  • NJSNJS Posts: 16
    Thanks Vics8 - that is the date that we are looking at. We have had one quote which is HUGE and am looking at a couple of other companies first. I am quite set on it but just don't want people (mum and dad) to turn around and say I told you so!

    Fingers crossed.
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    we did a wedding in october and the hotel staff blasted the heating up but we asked for it to be turned off because it gets hot so only needs to be on just long enough to warm up then turn it off when people start to go in or just before.when i got married they quoted me 500 for heating but the hotel said they would have a few fan heaters on for a bit if necessary and turn them off just before we went in.they were not needed in the def won`t need heating throughout xx
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