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Will our guests be too stuffed?!

Is anyone else having the same dilemma? The three course meal for our day guests will probably run until about 6.30pm - 7pm and our evening guests will be arriving about 7.30pm. Most of them will have travelled to get to the venue so we want to offer them a nice buffet (basically, something more than a bacon roll and a slice of wedding cake).

But our day guests will be absolutely stuffed at this point I imagine. What are you doing? Would you leave the buffet until later in the night when the day guests will have room for food? But that would risk the evening guests being starving! Decisions...


  • I think it's amazing how much food people can get through at weddings! We're not having separate evening guests, but we're still having canapes after our 3.30 service, followed by a 3 course dinner at about half 6, then something else for later, probably posh sandwiches, cheeses and fruit and cake at about half 9 (so roughly an hour after dinner has finished).

    I think it'd be nice for your evening guests to have some time to mingle, have a few drinks and maybe a dance before starting on the food (if it's out they might feel pressure to eat straight away), so personally I'd have the buffet around half 8- 9.
  • we are having canapes after our 1pm wedding then a full sit down meal and we are having an eveneing buffet too.

    we are having the buffet brought out at about 8:30 and they will only leave it out for a maxium of 3 hours so that will be til 11:30 which will be great for us as everything has to end at midnight.

    people get hungry at weddings and i would rather my geusts be full up than hungry. plus once people start drinking the food will soon be eaten!!
  • tcheynetcheyne Posts: 133
    We aren't getting married until 3:30 so assume all our guests will eat lunch beforehand. We're having canapes after the ceremony and dinner at 5:30/6. As our ceremony is late we decided not to have evening guests and as our day guests will have eaten lunch, canapes and a 3 course meal plus petit fours... we decided not to have an evening buffet. So instead we're having a cake of cheese instead of a wedding cake and serving that with biscuits, fruit cake, fruit and port probably at about 10pm. Which should stave off any hunger pangs but not stuff everyone up so much that they don't want to dance!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    at one friend's wedding they put the buffet out too early and then took it away again just about the time people were starting to get peckish.

    not me criticising, cos she complained about it herself.

    just something to consider........
  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I'll definitely stagger the buffet until a bit later on so that our evening guests have a chance to mingle and our day guests have time to digest their meal!
  • hi tuppence i know what you mean this happened at my best friends wedding too so thats why i asked for it to be left out until til later which they said is fine.

    we have children coming so thats why i want there to be food ready available most of the day, having a 2 year old myself i know how hard and awarkard it can be when they start saying, "mummy im hungry now how long til the food comes out" lol
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    we're having canapes at 1.30pm, a 3 course meal at 4 -4.30pm (ish) and then a buffet at 9pm.
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