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Hi all, im just wundering what people are doing for the speeches and in what order? I have had loads of friends and family wanting to make a speech and other people who crnt make the wedding (live abroad ect) are sending cards to be read. I am doing a speech first as im lighting a candle in memory of my grandad and other people who can not be there because they have passed away. Then my step dad, then my best friend (whos giving me away), then partner, then finl2b then best women then we are opening up the floor to everyone i think its a good idea as we have friends coming from acorss the country who want to say a few words! Is any one else having this many speeches?


  • hi

    we are planing to do them between each course of the meal to break it up a bit;\)
  • Thats a good idea to break it up, i could do the candle lightening before the meal. n open the floor after the desert! thankf mrstaylortobe
  • Jadis_NTJadis_NT Posts: 515
    My MoH is Dutch and they open the floor to speaches from anyone! In order to break it up a little for the UK geusts who weren't quite prepared for it all, they did them 2 at a time between courses etc
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