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Gingerbread men

can any one help me? im thinking of making gingerbread men, icing them with guests names and using them as place names and as favours, but i cant find anywhere or anyone who can tell me how long they keep for, i dont want to be baking the day before the wedding if i can help it.:\?


  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    you can buy boxes of gingerbead men ready made but plain and just ice the name son the day before, i knwo iw as gonna do this. dont have the link naymore but i found by googling. they were mini gingerbreads, which is perfect for favors, think this would be easier and it was cheap whn i priced it up xx
  • You can buy 12 gingerbread men in a box from tesco - they will have the sell by date on them (bout 3/4 days i think) They are only mini ones, but taste lovely (I often buy them!) xxx
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