Fish and chips for wedding breakfast?

Hello ladies,

Is anyone having fish and chips from the chippie as their wedding breakfast? We were going for a hot fork buffet but H2B totally suprised me this week saying that we could do the fish and chip thing. (I'd suggested this months ago and he poo-poohed the idea at the time - now he thinks he came up with it!!) Naturally being a complete skin-flint I was delighted by this idea, and thought that we could serve canapes as the starter and chocolate wedding cake with strawberries and cream for pudding.

Obviously veggies will have something else but I personally have sausage or a fish cake when I go to the chippy as I don't like battered fish. Seeing as it's still a favourite do you think it would be a hit, or do you think people would turn their noses up and not eat it? Do you think we should do ask guest on the day what they want e.g. cod/haddock/pie/sausage?

Wedding is in early July and reception is in a village hall. I didn't want a formal wedding anyway!



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    i think its a good idea but i would just do 3 options and ask poeple to let you know wat they want wen they rsvp. id prop do fish n chips, pie n chips n then a veggie pie or veggie burger n chips
  • hiya ! i hope i dont offend you , dont mean to honest ! but i dont think it's very nice at weddings to get something so greasy etc. I think a few years ago it was a novelty but now a days i think people will automatically assume you are being cheap by doing that HOWEVER weddings are totally individual and you should have what ever you desire ! A hot fork buffet may end up being about the same in price though and a lot easier with logistics etc , no one will end up getting cold food, cos it might get cold on the way and not everyone actually likes fish and chips , at least with a buffet you can choose a little bit of what you eat , where as fish and chips is a bit, you must have chips etc . Although i think Kate Winslet had it for her wedding and if it's good enough for herimage
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    Hi I think its a good idea. I went to a wedding a couple of months back and we had bacon butties and sausage butties. It was excelllent. We are having hog roast, batches stuffing and all trimmings so hope everyone likes it.

    Go with it, it sounds great.
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    I'd rather have that than a buffet. Buffets can be really hard to get right - they can be v. dull (though h2b's aunt - or cousin - kind of confusing family - is fabulous at them, and an ex-caterer, so most caterers, etc are prob vg).

    But as I said, would rather have something from the chippie - although I don't do fish either, so a choice would be best - although maybe only a few - fish, not fish, and veggie.

  • Thanks for the replies girls. Don't worry you haven't offended me Chet, it's good to hear a variety of view points and I was concerned about the grease factor. I think I need to go and sample the nearest shop's food!
  • I was thinking of doing this too. Figured everyone will like something. My family are bound to moan that "it's too fancy" if I serve anything that sounds remotely foreign so a great british classic is a great idea. I wsa thinking of wrapping it in traditional newspaper- with a newspaper that has a picture of us, wedding dates, guest names & pics etc on. Not to keep obv. as it will be greasy but just as a nice touch. Not sure how yet but was thinking of making something fancy to put salt/vinegar/condiments etc in...

    Anyways, hope that's given you a bit more confidence about it all! xxx
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    I think it is a fab idea and am currently in the process of persuading hubby to be that we should have it at the end of our reception as a 'good night snack' kind of thing (We were originally going to serve German sausage hotdogs at that time). I think I too may have to sample the nearest shop's fish and chips... asap! You've made me hungry now!

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    I think fish and chips is a great idea and you can posh it up a bit if that's what you want
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    We are probablly serving fish and chips at our reception although we are having it done by a caterer on site and served as a sit down. We have a seafront venue so we felt it was quite apt.

    We are paying £22.95 per person with a dessert- it sounds steep but it also includes plates glasses etc and waiting staff for 4 hours. (8 people to serve 120)

    I was worried about the greese factor too, will try and see if we can have a sample before the day.

    Will also be serving alternatives and that can be anything. I was thinking of bangers and mash but would love some suggestions. Also some classic desserts that would compliment.

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    Its a great idea, we originally thought about doing this for our evening reception instead of a buffet, unfortunately our venue wouldnt allow it image
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    yum !!! my brother had sausage and mash followed by apple crumble and custard and everyone devoured it. can`t beat comfort food xxx
  • Hello, we're having fish and chips at ours so found this site when searching for caterers online. Don't suppose anyone has any suggestions for suppliers for the Cheshire area?! Had a few good responses when I've told people what we're planning... and a couple of rolled eyes too! xx
  • Hi there,

    We're having fish and chips and everyone thought it was a great idea (apart from my Gran!!!). I think its such a unusual yet traditionally British twist to a 3 course wedding breakfast.

    We're having them wrapped in personalised newspaper, and tied with thin ribbon (the stuff you put round xmas pressies...not the dear stuff!) and a chip shop fork tied to the end of the ribbon. With a little ramekin of mushy peas....talking about it has made me hungry lol!

  • Try these as they were really good!

    [email protected]
  • I think it's a brilliant idea too. I went into our local chippy the other day to sound them out and they said if they were doing 150 approx. they'd put it in those cardboard boxes rather than paper. I had the idea of personalised wedding paper like other people mention. But when i thought about it we could wedding-up the boxes?! It'd cut down on crockery!

    I wanted a chip van to turn up, but someone said the fryers wouldn't be able to cope with that amount of people image

    If anyone does know of any chip van which could cope, let me know: manchester area.

  • YUM! I cannot read this thread as it is just making me want to go to the chippy tonight! I think that it's a brilliant idea and your guests will love it!! x
  • We're having the usual sit down meal in the afternoon. But have decided to have sausage and chips and meat/veggie wraps in the evening, insted of the usual buffet. I'm personally very excited about the evening food as there will be live cooking stations and people will be like 'this is different'. I think it will work out cheaper than a buffet too, as we only pay for what gets used and nothing gets wasted. Huge bonus.

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    i also had the idea of having fish and chips for the wedding breakfast after my aunty told me of kate winslet doing it. i think that it is a great idea and thought that it was quite different until i looked on this forum...great minds must think alike image

    my boyfriend proposed to me just before christmas in front of the school kids where i teach and it made the local newspaper so i thought of reproducing the story and wrapping the fish and chips in that. i was dressed as an elf because it was the last day of school and the headline read....

    'in sickness and in elf' so thought that it would be quite fitting.

    i'm concerned though about how realistic having fish and chips is? does anybody know in terms of catering at the venue? i don't really want it all brought already cooked from a chip shop. also, do you think that having it at the night do would be better than the actual wedding breakfast?

    any replies would be great

  • I love this idea! We're having burgers and fries for our main in personalised burger boxes that h2b is going to make. We wanted something different, and we're not into fancy food, so wanted something we both love!

    Love bangers and mash idea too!

    I'm sure you guests will love this xxx
  • Hello everyone

    i have just joined the website and been having a look at what people have been saying about food, and fish and chips seemed to be mentioned alot. I went to a wedding last year and they had a great caterer serving fish and chips from a great american s.w.a.t truck. They were beautiful and also sustainable, the kitchen in the back was fab! Check out there website it could be useful for some of you, they are based up north i think. hope this helps!
  • Hello

    I went to a fish and chip wedding last year, it was served from a great American SWAT truck with the most fantastic kitchen in the back. The fish was sustainable and they aslo served ice cream cones for pudding, they were handed round by waitress's with old fasioned cone holders, they were all homemade incuding the cones. i had a chat with the chef and he was very nice!

    there website is

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    I love the idea! We're having a later ceremony (4pm) so It will be nearing dinner time when we start the photos so we're toying with the idea of serving fish, sausage etc & chips in cones instead of canapes (i.e breaded fish or chicken goujons or mini sausages and something like breaded mozzerella sticks for the veggies) and then having a buffet in the evening follwed by bacon butties nearer the end of the night. (our families both hate 'posh' food image )
  • I love the idea of fish and chips at my wedding, but maybe for evening food. I have read all the forum entries and someone else mentioned a company called greengages and there american truck. I went to a VW event where they were serving fish and chips which were brill! they also did bacon butties in the morning but they actually baked the bread in the van fresh, i watched the chef rolling out his dough balls!!! just seen this post was made in 2007 but nevermind LOL!
  • Sorry to intrud in this thread but we are thinking of having sausage and mash for our wedding breakfast, what does everyone think of this? I just wanted our wedding to be different.
  • I think this is a bloody brilliant idea! Can I come to your wedding? Lol! xxx
  • i think it is a good idea, lets face it who doesnt like chip shop food image but make sure you have thought it through properly before the day, ie who is going to get it, who is going to serve it, where will it be served so that it doesnt go cold, and you dont end up getting stressed with it, if you are having it buffet or help yourself style get extra in case someone changes there mind or drops there fish or whatever.
  • I have been to so many weddings where you get a dry piece of chicken and some non-descript sauce and all I have craved is a plate of fish and chips!! I love this idea (especially the personalised boxes/paper) and myself and H2B want a no fuss, fun wedding so we are torn between fish and chips or a hog roast.
  • We are having cod goujons and chips and scampi and chips at ours!! We are getting married abroad and having a party when we get back so for the UK party we're only having a buffet and not a formal wedding breakfast, we thought fish and chips would be quite appropriate!! Our venue will cook it for us. We were going to buy some newspaper cones, but can anyone give recommendations for personalised newspaper as this sounds quite cool?! Thanks x
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    I totally love this idea. I agree with Miss Pitstop - there is nothing worse than getting a piece of dry chicken, overcooked vegetables and a cold congealed sauce. I think that it will be a nice surprise for everyone and certainly more conducive to a relaxed fun atmosphere than a formal dinner. Go for it! xx
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