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  • hi! i'm getting married in august at makeney, when are you getting married? i'm getting married in the conservatory xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm also having my reception at Makeney Hall in the conservatory in June.

    There's a wedding menu taster evening on Saturday 12th January you may be interested in... I went to the last one they held in October and we're considering going again, the food was fantastic.

    They're holding another wedding fayre on Sunday 24th February.

  • hi there! we went to the one in october it was really nice, wanted to go again but was waiting for the date mite just have to go along. are you excited about it all? have you chosen what you are going to eat yet? xx
  • Hi,

    We're still undecided on the food, there's so much to choose from.

    Have you decided yet?

  • no we havent, i'm not sure about the starters? we are having roast beef and yorkie pud though as we wanted something traditional, did you pick up the new menus at the wedding fayre? i dont think you have to have 4 courses now??? have you booked a dj? xx
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