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Hello all!

In trying to choose my wedding venue we've narrowed it down to two, possibly three, venues. I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies had any experience of any of these venues and what they are like? Also for Peckforton what kind of prices am I looking at as they STILL haven't sent me details of prices and I'm always wary of places that say 'price on application' instead of being upfront.

So any info, advice, tips anyone could give me would be very much appreciated!


  • Hi Cherylbombshell

    Like you these were my top three wedding venues and went and visted all three.

    :Peckforton Castle - Beautiful and if had a big big budget then this would have been my first choice. All and all after working out including exlusive use, i woud reckon it would have taken my bufegt to £30 to 35K

    Ruthin Castle - Lovely but was just to far out for our guests

    Rowton Castle - Fell in love with this venue, not as grand as peckfortna castle but the people are so friendly and made us completely at home. We have hired this out exclusively and with this have 19 bedrooms. I am getting married at Rowton Castle on 28.12.08 and cant wait. Visited the venue a couple of weeks ago and was beautiful. Plus at Rowton, the offer corkage which the others didnt
  • Cat that's fab! It's so nice to hear other's opinions, Rowton is definately my favourite so far! Unfortunately they don't allow fireworks, which my H2B desperately wants so he's kicking his heels about it unfortunately. We got engaged on Bonfire Night and he did a little private display for us so he thinks it's really important to have fireworks. I'm trying to convince him that, as the wedding party will be staying at the venue the night before with us, we could have a little bonfire party the night before so everyone can get to know each other, then it doesn't have to be at the castle.

    How fab you're getting married in winter, me too! 22.12.11 We pencilled in although with it being that far ahead I doubt anyone else will have booked 2011 yet! We'd have exclusive use too but ask guests to pay for their rooms which will reduce ours costs somewhat. It'll still be a challenge having Rowton on our budget but it's doable if we forgo some other things.

    If you don't my asking what's your budget? Ours is £10k barring any of us getting sudden and unexpected pay rises! From the costings they've sent us (2010 prices) I'm guessing it'll cost us about £6'500 for Rowton with hire, food, etc which I thought was pretty good for exclusive use of a castle!

    I'd love to hear all about your plans for your winter wedding at Rowton. What's your theme? Ours so far is retro red and black. Think very 1940's, sumptuous, decedant etc. Black candlearbras, lots of candles, deep red fabric etc. Very wintery! My BF (and hopefully cheif bridesmaid - I've not asked her yet) is also having a wintery wedding in 2009 but her theme is silver and blue, totally opposite to mine!
  • Hi

    Rowton castle is a great choice, we too wanted fireworks and tired to even get the old chinese laterns. However when speaking to Jack the owner last week, apprantly in the distric where Rowton is there is a strict councilor who wont allow anything like this.

    Our budget is around £15k plus honeymoon. Like you we are charging the guest for the bedrooms as just to hire the castle alone at that time of year costs £4500 which would have thrown our budget off scale.

    Our theme is romantic, with dark reds and golds which the castle is decorated these colours at this time of year. I have a few pictures i took whilst there to see what it was like in winter, if you send me your email i can forward them onto you.

    we also having candelabras and everything lit by candelight, with little touches of hearts everywhere. Have bought heart handwarmers to put on guess seats so it can keep their hands warm. So using heart as little touches to follow the romantic theme.

    Cant wait now only have 371 days!!! although have got the majoirty organised now. Need to focus on the bridesmaids, cake and invitations in the new year.

    Have you had a look round the castle? do you live locally?
  • Awwww your theme sounds fabulous and so romantic in a castle in winter! The hand warmers are such a good idea and one I bet your guests will really appreciate! Are they going to be your favours or are you having extra?

    I live in Warrington so it's not a million miles away but it's not really local. We've not been to view the castle yet: it's just been mad busy in the run-up to christmas but we're hoping to get there before the new year to have a look how it's decorated and if it's workable with our theme. I'm hoping for chair covers anyway which will help tie in the colours somewhat but I can't wait to have a good look round. Did you have to book with a wedding coordinator or could you just go and have a nosy?
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  • hey girls. i'm getting married at Peckforton Castle next May and also looked at Rowton. I have to agree trhe staff at Rowton are fantastic and we were really tempted but I just loved Peckforton and the interior which remains castle like if you know what I mean. We booked Peckforton last december and I know the prices have gone up a lot since then. We don't have exclusive use either but we have the fairytale package which means that they guarantee we'll be the only wedding there and we've booked all the rooms for our guests so I can't see who else will actually be there if you see what I mean!

    Good luck with your planning xx
  • Hi Cherrybomb

    You're best of arranging your visit asap. With them primarly being a wedding venue and brides having exclusive use its very difficult to get in. We had to wait 12 weeks till we could go and visit. It was the first venue i found but the last too see. So i would advise getting booked in soon as i they only do 9am, 10am and 11pm appointments sat and sunday.

    Like you, we live about 1hr and 30 minutes from the castle. so have arranged a lot of the suppliers from where i live its so much easier.

    The handwarmers are just a little touch

    Vodkagirl... i know what you mean by Peckfortan its very grand and remains like a castle. Where Rowton is castle on the outside but feels like a statlry home on the inside
  • nia1981nia1981 Posts: 984
    hi, we got married in ruthin castle this year, it was fab but for all of the venues you need to book early on to get the date you want

    ruthin castle was lovely - had a fabulous day & the room they gave us was stunning - the bathroom was bigger than our dining kitchen - i couldnt have wished for any better
  • Hi there

    I'm a Rowton Castle bride - 16th March 08 so not long to go for me now!

    We saw loads of places in and around Shropshire and when we (eventually!) got to see Rowton, we completely fell in love with it! It is tricky to get in to have a look because they are fully booked for weddings virtually every day of the year! And it's obvious why they are so popular - the place is spotless (which many of the other places we saw weren't by any means) and the staff are so professional! We went for a meal with my parents and Dad said it was one of the best meals he'd ever had (and he's eaten in some pretty fancy restaurants all over the world!). I could go on forever about the standards there!

    I didn't go to look at either Ruthin or Peckforton as they were a little far away for us and we particularly wanted a Shropshire venue as it's our home and we wanted to support the local businesses.

    I can recommend the flower lady that Rowton use - she works exclusively for Rowton and she is amazing - not the cheapest I'm sure but fantastic nonetheless!

    The other thing to mention about Rowton is that when we booked ours (in March last year) they only had about 3 dates available for the whole of 2008, so I'm sure that you can't book too soon!

    Hope this helps,

    C xx
  • kat1551kat1551 Posts: 116

    My brother and his wife got married at Rowton Castle in February, it was absolutely beautiful. The owners are fantastic and so are all the staff.

    As I was bridesmaid, I got the chance to get ready in the bridal suite, it is amazing.

    The food was stunning and everyone that went said how brilliant the day and the venue was.

    We also got snow, which looked beautiful in the setting.

    Only hope my own wedding in August will be as stunning.

    Hope this helps,

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