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Disco or Band?


I can't decideon a disco or band, what is everyone else doing and how much are you paying? We don't want anything cheesy but can't afford to spend a fortune. Can anyone recommend a DJ or Jazz, Funky Soul band in Norfolk or one that's out of the area but willing to travel?


  • HI There

    im not in your area but were having both,

    our DJ is £400 from 7pm till 1am

    weve got a live band doing a set for an hour in the middle which are playing F.O.C as we are friends with the singer but of course we will be paying them something, as theres another 4 of them in the band, and we wouldnt expect the others to be there free!

    he said just sort em a drink - which is fine as were having a free bar lol but you know what i mean

    The band sing most modern stuff as were not into the older things like Jazz or anything, plus i think it will be nice to break up the DJ music

    good luck xx
  • We're decided definately against a DJ, we just can't imagine anything worse than everyone dancing around to Macarena, so cheesy. I once saw a photo of a bride on the floor with all her bridesmaids in their beautiful dresses doing that Oops Upside Your Head thing, can't imagine having anything like that. Plus we have a very varied circle of friends and family. My fella and I are both rockers and wouldn't be interested in the normal poppy type stuff but I can't imagine my Gran rocking along to Iron Maiden and Metallica!

    We're both quite retro and I especially love swing music so we've decided on a swing band to play all night. We are thinking of hiring a jukebox loaded with our own music to fill the gaps when the band have breaks.

    It's all about personal choice really, it depends what you want from your wedding. Bands can be extremely expensive but if you do your research and book early you should be able to get a good deal, just like anything. The one thing to watch out for I would say is extra costs for travelling expenses so try and book someone fairly local if possible. DJ's are cheaper and guaranteed(sp?) to get people dancing and having a good time but, like bands, they aren't to everyone's taste.

    If you're looking for something a bit different you could try hiring a jukebox or alternatively if you're on a budget hiring an iPod station so you can have your own music.
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    We are having piper for the first part, he is a friend of h2b.

    For arrival drink and during meal we're making up a few cd's.

    Night time we are having a disco from 7.30 - 1am which is costing us £180.00. We are having him play scottish music for around half and hour in the middle of the evening. We are also putting a note in with our invitations for everyone to pick a song that they would like played and we will hand these to the DJ as we have say on what music will be played x
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    we're having a DJ, that's costing us £295 from 7.30pm til 1pm.
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