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Music during the reception

Is anyone having music whilst people are eating and if so what? Also what are people doing for entertainment between the food and evening. Our venue is split into two rooms which open up to one large room. The problem is the evening disco has to take place where the meal is and people have to move out whilst this is happening. I'm not sure what to do whilst the disco/music is setting up. Any ideas?


  • Is there a bar in the room you have to wait in? A good piece of advice I got from one of the maaaaany wedding magazines I read is to ask at the local colleges for any classical music students who want to earn a little extra money, you could ask if they would play for an hour or however long it takes during the changeover. It's like having a string quartet on a budget! They'll appreciate the money they're getting and you're saving a fortune in extra band/DJ hire
  • Free bar for 45 minutes, thats what we did during the turnaround and everyone was delighted. ximage
  • KathrybaKathryba Posts: 189
    My brother used the same room for the meal and the disco etc. When he was doing the speeches he asked if everyone could make there way into the hotel gardens for more pictures and stay in the bar area until the room was ready for the evening.

    Most people just hung about outside and those staying in the hotel went to their rooms to get changed.

    He had an Irish band, I thought it was a silly idea when he first told me but we had the best time and they even got my Dad up dancing (I didn't think it was possible!!).
  • evening all! we have a marquee attached to our main room and after food and speeches we have to move into the marquee so that the main room can be changed around for the evening "do" . We have hired a caricuturist (spelling?) to mingle with the guests in the marquee or maybe even set up in one corner so if one guest is having a picture done other guests will watch. Also I'm having a "wishing tree" set up in the marquee and am placing tags and pens on the tables in the main room for people to write their messages between courses so that when we move into the marquee before the evening do they can tie them to the tree, I'm hoping that this will take some time and also that guests will read the other messages. As for music whilst eating, our venue has a sound system and I'm just gonna make loads of CD's and bung them on so I dont have to worry about all of that whilst everyone is eating. x
  • GinaKilbeyGinaKilbey Posts: 1,121
    We have booked a magician to entertain in between courses and changing the room around. Also we will be using the venues sound system with our own cds.

  • Hi, the DJ we have booked will be with us from when guests arrive at the reception venue and will be playing background music before and during the meal - I'm going for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald etc songs - not the really slow ones though, I'm an old romantic!
  • We are having a CD playing during the reception. Between the wedding breakfast and evening turnaround, we are having a magician walking around while pictures are being taken and I am going to hire garden games as well!!!
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