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Im having baby blue theme, what other colours go with baby blue other than pink? i need some inspriation .


  • What time of year are you getting married?

    A winter wedding would look fantastic with blue, white/cream and silver. You could create a real winter wonderland.

    If it's summer then how about lots of pastel shades? Maisie Fantasie do a fab dotty wedding cake with the dots in lots of different pastel colours, perfect inspiration for a warm weather wedding.

    A really modern theme at the moment is blue and chocolate. They look really good together and there's loads of gorgeous blue and chocolate wedding things about. You could even put your bridesmaids in chocolate dressed with blue sashes.

    I saw a wedding in a magazine that was blue and yellow theme. It sounds quite gaudy but they used pastel shades offset with white and it looked lovey and summery.

    How about a beach themed wedding? You could serve icecream at your drinks reception and have personalised seashells and mini flipflop keychains as favours!

    Ultimately it's about what you like and want from your wedding. Have a think about what you and your fiance like and then see how you can fit your favourite colours around it.
  • we are having blue and silver and we get married in may.

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