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Buffet advice needed!

I'm getting married in Scotland on 14th June 08 with just a few close firends and family, going on honeymoon and then having a party for all the rest of my friends and family once we return home.

We have booked our local working mens club as we didn't want to spend too much on the party with it not being our 'actuall' wedding day. To keep costs down I am going to do the food myself.

We think we will have about 60 quests. I don't have a clue how much I need to budget for the food! I know that I will be doing is a few sandwiches and I'm going to ask the local takeaway to deliver a few onion bhaji's and samosas (that is the only hot food we will be having).

What else could I serve? Need some ideas so that it doesn't turn out a mess.

Do you think I am kidding myself getting all the food for about £150???

Any advice would be appricated, are you doing your own catering?? We will have a nice big cake but should I serve deserts?


  • How about sausage rolls, pork pies, chicken wings etc.

  • my h2b is from a huge family and every so often they have big get togethers and the host does a buffet, i've done it twice now, both times for about 15 people... i know thats not as many as you'll be doing for but it has cost me about £45 for all the food, although i make the salad items myself.

    Usually when we get together there is a variety of the following on the buffet:

    cooked meats

    salmon and prawns

    pasta salad


    rice salad


    potato salad




    mini sausages

    sausage rolls

    cheese cubes

    quiche (spelt that wrong i think!)

    pizza slices

    pork pies

    vol u vants

    scotch eggs

    chicken legs

    cheese board

    then a selection of deserts, pavalova, cakes, trifle, fruit salad etc...

    Hope thats some help
  • sorry, should have added that there is always food left over... usually feeds h2b and i for at least a few days afterwards!!!

    Things like cuscus salad is also easy to make and goes a long way!!

    If you are having a big cake i wouldnt bother with any other puddings, maybe just a fruit bowl for those who are trying to be good!!
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride

    Why don't you try somewhere like Iceland for there party foods. You can get a really good mix of stuff, Could even buy it now while they have all the offers on and keep it in the freezer until the day.

    Then all you have to do is cook it and make some sandwiches x
  • If you go to places like Tescos at the moment they have loads of offers on party food which will give you ideas and (if you have the freezer room) save you some money too.

    When I cook for loads of people, it is a good idea to do easy filling up stuff like pasta salad and then people fill in the edges with the nice stuff like the sausage rolls.

    You can also buy things like frozen pizza and cut it up.

    Don't forget you will aslo need some sweet stuff.

    I normally do:

    - sausage rolls

    - cocktail sausages

    - pasta

    - couscous salad

    - baguette

    - quiche

    - potato wedges

    - onion bajjis

    - samosas

    - spring rolls

    - pizza

    - garlic bread

    - sweets like kids chocolate bars or celebrations etc
  • Have you thought how you will keep the food cool enough until it is served ?
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