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What is everyone having as their sit-down meals?

I think my parents are expecting the usual 3 course meal but I am not convinced. Even if we do have 3 courses, what we would have! I think bangers & mash would be cool. So, I am hoping that you will all give me inspiration.

My Dad doesn't like pork. i don't like seafood and would quite like some sort of chocolate as a dessert. Trouble is I go to loads of marketing events with my work so I sort of think 'pan-fried chicken blah blah blah' and am worried that having the normal 3 courses will make it feel like another marketing event and not something I will get excited about. Mind you, at the end of the day, I suppose so long as it tastes nice and there is enough of it then it doesn't really matter if it doesn't blow my world - does it?


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