Cup cake cake!!


We have decided on having lots of cupcakes instead of one big wedding cake - there are going to be lots of children at the wedding and also I LOVE cupcakes so it seemed like the best option.

Any ideas for how to decorate them/the over all look etc? The colour scheme for the day is white and silver and we are getting married in the country, so its not too formal but still sophisticated (if that makes sense?!)

Would love to hear from you and get some inspiration!!

Mrs T (2B)

PS: we will have both vanilla and chocoloate flavour cakes (H2B's favourite)


  • what about sugar flowers in white with a small silver butterfly? or white icing with silver bobbles and silver paper cases? x
  • doodleukdoodleuk Posts: 175
    oooh I like the butterfly idea image I had thought a silver cake stand with silver cup cake cases and white icing. Then on top white sugar flowers. The top tier would need to be a whole cake I would think....something for cutting. Perhaps some fresh flowers on top of that and some white ribbon?

    What do you think?

    PS: why is it that I can make difficult descisions every day at work and cant decide on ANYTHING for the wedding???
  • i think that sounds really pretty x

    p.s the answer to your dilemma is work is boring, weddings are important!! x
  • Hi, try these guys,

    they taste amazing and are really well priced as well.

    Also, they can do the cakes individually boxed as well which could be handy if your guests would rather take them away.

  • They look gorgeous - yummy. Im having cup cakes too and going to let my flowergirls hand them out after the meal. Havnt decided exactly on what I want either. I did find them cup cakes a bit pricey though? ! x
  • whancockwhancock Posts: 158
    I'm also having cupcakes. I actually don't like cake and thought of having ice cream tubs, but H2B moaned as he is a HUGE cake lover.

    My Grannie -in - Law has offered to pay for the cake, so I think I might go for a few different flavour sponges to spce it up a bit.

    With regards to decorating, keep it simple, The flower and butterfly sounds lovely, maybe throw a bit of colour in by ways of the butterfly to make it stand out a bit more. Perhaps have half with flowr and butterfly and the other half with something else like stripes or sprinles....?
  • helloo girls

    we too are having a cup cake tower,

    we are keeping it simple, sponge cakes with lemon & white roses iced on the top, (all being done by a pro as i cant do anything like that)

    there will be 200 in total

    im not a fan either of wedding cake but there are soo many alternatives now, i just felt the smaller cup cakes were more ideal and easier to eat xx

  • Hi doodlebug

    I am also having a cupcake wedding cake - our theme is loosely black, white and ivory - so we're having little 'white' (well plain) cupcakes iced with ivory fondant in 'peaks' and a single white rose bud and then little 'black' (choc cake) cupcakes, iced with choc whipped fondant and single white rose bud - the top tier will be a mini choc cake with a bigger single ivory/white rose. Kind of like this:

    Hope that helps! For inspiration, i just typed 'cupcake wedding' into Google Images and loads of pics came up. Also try googling the magnolia bakery in New York, they're fanmous for their cupcakes and you'll find some lovely pics. I have also asked for plain white fairy lights to decorate the cake stand, so that should add a bit of wedding 'bling'! xx
  • doodleukdoodleuk Posts: 175
    Hi girls

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I am getting really excited about the wedding now that I can start picturing things in my head. Thanks to Confetti head for the picture - its almost exactly what i had in my head but its great to see that it would work. Currently having an argument with my (overbearing) mother about the icing for the cakes as she doesnt seem to think that plain icing will look white and insists that it will be yellowish and doesnt think that we can use royal icing on cupcakes!! I think I am going to try and make some at home and test it out (though H2B willhave to be the taste tester as I'm supposed to be trying to loose weight image )

    Am going onto google now to see if I can find some more pics......

  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    My SIL2B is making our wedding cake, and as yet do not know what she is making!!!!!!!!!

    But I'm having a cup cake tier for the evening buffet.

    I'm doing these myself, although 1st lot were disgusting, but been practising and got to say they are getting alot better.

    Going to do some with normal icing and some with butter icing.

    Wedding is 7th June so still got time to perfect them x
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