advise needed

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my dress ivory, bridesmaids in baby pink, best man and ushers in grey suits, grey waistcoats and baby pink tie, groom in grey suit and ivory waistcoat and tie.

that is exactly what i want even down to the suit color.

now i'm worried that it will clash with the carpet in the venue, what do you think am i being to fussy. its the red and green one in th photos


  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    Your venue is lovely.

    Dont worry about the carpet - i personally wouldn't notice the colour of the carpet, (unless it was dirty!!)
  • ShivyukShivyuk Posts: 687
    I'm with Mrs F to be - don't worry about the carpet! No one will be looking at the carpet, they will be looking at you and your new hubby! I personally don't think people should take venue decor into consideration when they choose a colour theme as every wedding I have been to I have NEVER paid attention to that.

    Just enjoy getting the big things sorted :/)

    Good luck
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