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My favours, what should i do?

My mum died last dec of cancer so instead of normal wedding favours i am making a biggish donation to cancer research and in return they make you something to put on table about donation and if you want a blue cancer research pin badge they send enough for all guests. Not sure whether to just donate,get a card for reason for donation for table and not get badges and put a single choccy on table, or get badges aswell and wrap them in pink paper with say a ferrero rocher - my mums fave choc as the "favour" What do you th:\?ink?? Hope i've not confused you!!


  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride

    My mam also died of cancer (16yrs ago now but still hurts).

    I agree with people donating to the charity rather than have favours, but in my view you are paying money to help other cancer sufferers, they should be keeping all the money to put towards that research or care, not sending you out enough pin badges etc for all your guests..I'm not being funny but I am having around 100 guests through the day, so for them to make these pin badges and sending them out to you must be costing them something.

    Personally I'd make a donation. Make little cards explaining to your guests what you have done, and you can buy your own ribbon and wrap it round an individual ferrero rocher in honour of your Mum.

    I always give all of my clothes etc.. to charity, but I don't like the fact that they send you something for your donation.

    Sorry is I sound like a grump x
  • I think the idea of a little card with the details of the donation with a single Ferrero Rocher would be lovely. Maybe with a little note on the card to highlight the significance of the chocolate. A way of incorporating your mum's memory on your big day is a wonderful idea.
  • hiya - love the forrero rocher idea - brilliant. we are having teenage cancer trust favours. ours is a little triangular card with our names date of wedding etc and inside is one of those trolley key rings you know with the coin that can be used in lockers alo. it will be gold with sparkly orange stars withe words bright futures on the back. it also contains a card which explains a little bit about the charity. the card says please enjoy this gift to commemorate their special day and on the back it says Rachel and Will have made a generous donation to TCT.
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    i agree with the other girls - the ferrerro is a great idea but with a card on the table with a message in saying that you've also donated money to charity as part of their favour. x
  • i know someone who gave breast cancer pins and pens to her guests, she got them on the website and made tags for them explaining about donating money to charity but at the same time the guests still had a small token

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  • I think its perfect. Go with what you feel is right x
  • I am going to give a donation to charity then have some small cards made saying that a donation had been made to charity on the guests behalf in celebration of the marriage of Sarah and Paul.

    Thats my plan at the moment!
    Hi all thanks for your replys and deniseo i really appreciate and understand your comments, but what i have decided upon is to double my donation, and ask them for a couple of badges for each table, not each individual person, as i think that if someone decides to wear the badge or sees it, they are in a way advertising the charity and reminding others to donate to the cause. It is sad charities have to pay for advertising etc but if it means them recieving more donatations then thats a good thing. So hopefully my couple of badges on the table will remind people of why i've not done "proper" favours and maybe encourage them to donate something themselves one day. I also have donated to the hospice that my mum passed away in as they were a fantastic place full of people worth their weight in gold. But am also going to get ferrero rocher too to put on table because my mum loved them so much and i feel like i want to involve her even though she can't be here x x:\)

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  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    Hi Dottymum

    I really think it's a lovely idea, and think a couple for each table would be great, also you ferrero rocher idea too.

    I commend you also on your donation to the hospice.

    I think it is lovely when people are kind enough to give to the people who have helped with the sick.

    Good luck with all your plans and hope you have a wonderful day x
  • Hi dotty mum. are you havin buttonholes for the wedding day? We wanted to remember friends and family who had passed away with cancer and in memory we are having marie curie daffodils in place of the traditional carnation buttonholes. xx
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