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I have just stumbled across this fab website that allows you to enter your guest list then arrange your table plan. Because it is online it is so easy to move guests around, change table sizes etc without lots of paper and scribbles! I love it! You do have to pay £10 for a 6 mth registration (well worth it i think) but there is a trial so you can test it.

Not sure if everyone already knows about it but if not the website is :

Happy planning!

K x


  • thanks for that. i have saved the site and will have a go when i get rsvp back (have to send invites first tho, lol)
  • Just had a quick look.....what a fab site! It makes it so much easier to swop everyone around etc!

    I will def go back to this when i get to this part of my planning (a way off yet)!

    Thanks Kirsty!

    Sarah x
  • this site is great - what doe the free trial let you do?

    Could you use this for your table plan or have to pay?

    i was thinking of making mine on powerpoint just using the autoshape things for tables and typing in the names. This should still be quite easy to change of need be x
  • KirstyCKirstyC Posts: 152

    I think the trial lets you put in a few guests names and add tables just to see how it works. i guess you could try adding all your guests and try printing it - i'm not sure.

    I have ages until i need to do a table plan but i get too impatient (i like to think of it as organised!! hehe) so i've started it already!

    Powerpoint sounds like a good idea too! x
  • Kirsty - this is a great program!

    I've been using it for our wedding - the main part of it took just an hour or so to input and now I'm just playing with the seating whilst waiting for the last few RSVPs!

    It's worth the 10 quid just for ease - I started mine on Publisher, but this is much easier!

    C xx
  • Oh I have found one and you don't pay it is
  • Hi, that link doesn't seem to work for me??


    Hope this works it is great! and free
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