can anyone recommend a Glasgow DJ?

Hi girls

Would really appreciate your help...we already have a ceildh sorted but am looking into DJ options - anyone got any recomendations for the Glasgow area? Reception is at Oran Mor. Any help very much appreciated. Ideally I am looking for a DJ who will be pretty flexible and let us give him/her a playlist as well as doing some of their own stuff. Thanks! xx


  • Our band kindly offered for us to use their PA for the last hour or so to play all the songs they couldn't play that we want so we are going to compile our own CD and save a fortune. This could be an option, unless you're a fan of a bit of cheesy Djing!

    Another idea that I wish I had jumped on before I booked a band, is to hire a jukebox so people can put on their requests throughout the night.

    My boyfriend is from Glasgow and we are up there at New Year so I may be able to pick up a few contacts as a few of his friends have recently got married!
  • thanks ChezB! Yes any recommendations greatly appreciated thanks again. That's an idea with the PA - we know our ceildh band really well, so maybe we could hook an ipod up to the PA system and choose our own tunes that way? It's a tricky one, cos I am not a fan of Abba/cheesy wedding tunes, so either we go down the ipod/PA route, or if we could find a DJ who was willing to literally play what we ask him (sorry if that sounds so bridzilla-ish, but music is really important to us and I would just hate it if the disco ended up all YMCA , Raining Men and Abba!! - guess everyone has different taste eh!) Thanks again for quick reply - always good to get other peoples ideas. xx
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