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Is it etiquete (sp??) to seat and feed them at the reception?

Sorry i am not sure what the tradition is on this? Just wondered if i have to plan this into teh budget?

Thanks, Shez x


  • Cant say for the photographer as he was my hubby's uncle and stayed or the meal. My video man however only stayed until the speeches then went there were a couple of them so did not expect to be fed etc. we did have the speeches before and did not have him videoing the night however unsure how you would go on if they are there all day and night I would presume they would bring their sarnies!
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    we're feeding our photographers and videographers, as they're going to be there from 11am until 8.30 - 9pm.
  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    the photographer is there from the arrival of guests to the church and then at the arrival of the recept - no extensive photography at the recept only stay to take pic of cake cutting...the videoman is there all day tho (well 2 hrs after speeches)....i dont know what to do....
  • FeeukFeeuk Posts: 413

    First of all just check the paperwork that they have sent you as they may have specified this - for example our photographer says he requires his fee plus a two course meal, whereas our videographer said as he is getting paid he expects to provide his own lunch (although we have said we'll feed him anyway!)

    If it doesn't say anything then generally it is etiquette to feed them but not in the same room that your guests are having the wedding breakfast in.

    Generally they would photograph/video you and your guests coming in and sitting down. They would then go to another room (say the hotel bar) and have some food but they won't expect the full wedding meal - maybe just the main course and pudding or, if possible, to choose themselves from the bar menu (make sure you have arranged in advance for the hotel to bill you afterwards!) They will then come back into the room to film speeches/cake cutting etc etc.

    Hope that helps x

  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    brilliant...thats the thing i dont mind feeding them but dont really fancy seating them with all my family and friends...hope that doesnt sound mean!! x
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