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Hello Everyone

Just joined today but have been looking at the site for a few weeks now. Getting married 12th August 08. It was just a bit of help I needed regarding Cocktail fountains (sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else)., I recentley bought one to use for my reception to put champagne in it, but when I opened i, the instructions says you cannot put in just champagne or fizzy wine it has to be mixed with something else:\?. Has anyone used them with just champagne in it and was it ok. I also managed to get the fountain from Tesco's for £10 and it is the larger one, so if anyone needs one have a look in Tesco's, ours has completely sold out but I believe comet is selling the fountains for £15.

Hope you can help.



  • i saw one at a wedding show in Earls Court and the chap that was demonstrating it said that the reason you cant use just champagne is that because the champagne goes flat? dont know how true this is though? x
  • valbukvalbuk Posts: 38
    Thank you flower fairy, my H2B kept saying that it would go flat, but I thought as I was only using it for the toast drink at the reception it might just keep long enough, just dont want it to suddenly explode.

  • i dont think anything bad would happen i am sure its just a matter of it going flat.

    why dont you try it out at home with some cava?

    I bought some tonight from tesco £3 a bottle (yum) a great cheap night in with your bridesmaids in the name of research ...

  • I've had the tesco rose cava for £3.89 and its lovely! may as well get a few bottles and try it out a few times! if you're only having it for your reception drink then I'm sure everything will be ok. Guests are still so excited about the ceremony that they just go with the flow! x
  • valbukvalbuk Posts: 38
    Thank you everyone, going to use the fountain on new years day and see how long it will last, but we will probably finish drinking it before it has chance to go flat. I am getting married in memphis during Elvis week at the chapel they have in the mansion grounds so having my reception when we come back, so hopfully guests will be more interested in wedding photos.

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