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Soft Drinks

What soft drinks is everyone supplying for their guests?

We are providing all the drink for the wedding and will be having Orange Juice for those not wanting champagne / bucks fizz and are having jugs of water on the tables but not sure what else to provide.

Any ideas?


  • we're having pink lemonade because it goes with our colour scheme! i sound like a nutter matching my lemonade to my flowers!!
  • I think that sounds great! We're just having juice, water and will probably get in some coke and lemonade incase too. I'm also having sparkling elderflower. Its my fav soft drink and very refreshing.
  • i love the pink lemonade idea! yum as well!!!

    coke, lemonade and water should pretty much cover it i would think. Thats what type of thing i would expect at a wedding. x
  • SminkiSminki Posts: 37
    I really want to have something a bit interesting to offer our non-drinking guests, so thought about having (along with the orange juice that is already offered by our venue) ginger beer or a ginger and lemongrass cordial - both me and H2B are huge ginger fans! I haven't actually checked whether this will be possible with the venue yet, but as we're allowed to supply our own wines if we don't want those offered by them, I'm sure they won't grumble about a few bottles of ginger beer (although I'm sure I'll have to pay extra for bringing our won in :rollimage
  • Mmmmmm.......ginger beer sounds lurvely! x
  • mrslailamrslaila Posts: 1,069
    Our venue makes a gorgeous non-alcoholic drink called ginger twist so we will be having this. Its so refreshing. Afraid I can't give details on the ingredients as they are apparently a secret family recipe.
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