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Can you decide the tunes?

Does anyone know if, when you hire a d.j. or a band, do they let you choose all of the tunes?

I know a d.j. takes requests etc, but do they let you request pretty much what songs you want all night?

Any bands do the same?

There are so many songs I'd love to hear on the evening, I know one option would be to have an ipod hooked up to the venue's sound system, then we could have our choice of songs.

I just have this horror of a d.j. playing some horrific song that no way would I want at my wedding!

However, I think it might be nice to have the focal point of a band or a d.j. too.


  • It depends on the dj so make sure you ask when you call to get a quote. Some say if you tell them the type of music you like they will stick to that. Others are very adamant that they will cater for all age ranges and you dont get much of a say. I have chosen a dj on the basis that he said we could pick every single tune if we wanted. Dont think i'll go that far but is good to know that it is an option. What we have decided is to give him a list of our faves and he will then take a guess?! on what else we would like!

    Also you need to know if they will say much and play silly games etc with your guests (not my thing at all) or just get on with it and play the tunes!
  • lulu4 I don't want the 'silly games' stuff either just good tunes and no fuss!

    Do you know what region your d.j. covers, I am in Hertfordshire.
  • hi we requested what kind of songs we wanted from our dj and also what kind we didn't want. They also have a website where guests can put in requests before the big day!!

  • We are giving our DJ a list of all we want played ad dont want. Any good DJ will let u do this.
  • We have asked our guests to choose three of their favourite songs and we are going to give the list to the DJ, he loved this idea. We have requested no songs with dance routines, which did not go down too well with MIL2B.

    I am also having to provide the DJ with a couple of CD's as both my H2B used to go clubbing we would love some of our favourite dance tunes to be played, but we are saving these for the last hour. I can't see my Nana strutting her stuff to these tunes.
  • Our DJ has a website where we can request songs we want playing on the evening - we can also let our guests know the website address and they 2 can make requests.
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