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ROGUES GALLERY (band) - anyone know their website?

Hi everyone, my H2B and I seen a really good band at a wedding showcase recently through Hireaband (Scottish band with 6 young males). The only thing that stopped us booking at the showcase was the price (£1,150 - which was actually discounted for the night) because we thought we would find their own website and be able to book directly with the band and therefore maybe save a bit of money (the agency take a cut of the booking - I'm sure thats why its costing so much). However, I cannot find their website and now the price has gone up to £1,230.

The band is one of things high on our list and I'm willing to pay around £1,000, but I think £1230 is stretching it a bit far!!!

Has anyone heard of Rogues Gallery or maybe used them at their wedding. Or has anyone come across their website? Please help...


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