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Table shapes?

Hi, i was just wondering if everybody is having round tables for their reception?

i think they will be easier to decorate but it might be easier to separate feuding family at oppsite ends of two long tables?

why is it always family that makes things awkward?


  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    Tell me about it...we will be having round tables to. I assumed they would take 8-10 ppl but when I nosed in at the room set up for another wedding they had 12 places set and it didn't even look squashed! Pretty big tables I thought!
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    thats exactly it! ours seat 12 too. how am i supposed to split up the family? if we choose round tables we can only have about 4 i think! also think it might be easier to incorporate the children into long banquet style tables and people aren't sectioned off from each other during the meal. I have to say i prefer the drama of 1 big centrepiece on round tables tho!!
  • Hi, I always thought we would have round tables for same reason with centerpieces but the venue we have gone for is quite small and uses an unusual table set up. Long tables but all joined together in sort of an E shape but with four horizontal rows (if this makes any sense). My mam says this is a traditional set up although not sure if this is true?

    Quite like the idea of one big table as like you said it avoids sectioning people from each other so much.

    Could you not seat family members who dont get on with each other on different tables if you decide to go with round?
  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    I've decided there are only 6 ppl I want on the top table. Me Hubbie (eek that's what he'll be when I sitting there for the first time!) and the parents. Got plenty of space for my dress then! image

    I guess we don't have to have 12 could do 10 or 8 if we wanted.
  • chinese wedding always uses round table that sit 10 :\)

    but strange enough, the hotel we are using think that round table take up less space then long table. i actually wanted long instead of round.
  • We are having round tables. We are told they can seat 10 people, we have chosen 8 but 2 will have 9 on though but there will still be plenty of room. I have been to weddings with long tables and round. We personally find round tbales better as you can talk to everybody on table whereas on long tables you are restricted to those around you and it gets hard trying to talk across other peoples conversations. It also gets boring looking ahead at one person compared to a round table you can very who you look at! personal opinion of course! If you think have problems with seating people you could always have a tall vase in the middle of the table as a semi barrier!! x
  • also, i think usually dishes for chinese wedding banquet serves 10, hence, the round table sit 10 and there's reasons to have round table. i think it's similar to having a wedding ring. it's like a reunion.
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    We're having 7-8 round tables and then a long rectangle for the top table.
  • We are having round tables for our guests but our top table is oval so we sit around half the oval looking out onto all our guests!!
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