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hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone out there is allergic to nuts? My H2B has quite a serious allergy and i just cant seem to sort our wedding cake out.

All of the supermarket ones always give the usual warnings that they're not suitable and i know the waitrose one is covered in almond paste icing.

I am assuming that no cake makers want to give us a full guarantee- just in case.

Short of making it myself (Im assuming i will be quite busy before the wedding) and just getting a huge tower of donuts from Krispy Kreme's i dont know what to do- especially as budget is not huge. Any ideas?


  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    have you tried sainsbury's - they used to do a nut free range that incuded cakes - have no idea what kind, but may be worth a look, although you'd have to ice it yourself.

    and I'd suggest asking some cake makers - the worst they can say is no - and you never know, some smaller ones might be willing to be flexible.
  • My CBM is allergic to nuts and I told our cakemaker. She said that you can have nut free marzipan now, instead of using almonds in the marzipan, they just use almond flavouring and its supposed to be completely safe.
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    What's the almond flavouring made from then?!
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    how about moving away from a cake and having a profiterole tower or something (assuming profiteroles don't have nuts in them!)
    i've seen a few wedding cake websites that say they can cater for nut allergies - not sure how but i guess they wouldn't say it if they couldn't do it....

    this website can

    I am allergic to nuts. Can you make me a nut free wedding cake?

    I have a nut allergy myself and I am particularly aware of this concern. We treat all allergies very seriously and a nut free wedding cake is no problem at all. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    ALX, the cakes on that website look amazing. How does anybody choose which one to have?

    I suppose the only problem will be delivery cost. i will definitely be emailing her to ask.

  • hi, i know this is a long shot that you may reply now but my fiance has a severe nut allergy and my wedding is in nearly 5 weeks!
    just been let down by someone who was going to make ours and my budget went from basically nothing (gift) to eeking 200 out
    its in staffordshire so this maisie delivery cost alone is HUGE!
    who did you end up with or what did you end up doing if you don't mind me asking?

    i have tried all supermarkets, several bakers, several places online, considered doughnuts or cupcakes etc. there is always that risk. fiance bit picky - he wants to eat OUR cake not his own one, he wants it to look like a wedding cake etc. im worried about cross contamination like cutting in the kitchen etc. if they look similar maybe his may get offered to someone else and so forth if i was to provide 2 similar cakes etc.
    Druckers/Pat. Val have a potential 'handle nuts environment' gateaux but it looks nothing like a wedding cake!

    so stressful! Oh.. and my oven has packed up and nobody can come out for another week!!
  • wedding cakes don't have to have marzipan on them.
    buy cake from free from (wedding cakes don't have to have fruit or nuts in them) sponge cake is fine
    cover with jam and ready to roll sugarpaste.
    job sorted
    or have naked cake
  • Hey,
    I am quite obsessed with cakes and gifts.
    Cake should be such that it makes your mouth watery!
    Cakes are special.
    I know this amazing website from where i bought cakes and it was so so yummy and tempting.
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