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Paying for food tasting

Hi, Has anyone else had a food tasting yet? If so did you pay for it? I cant decide between two menus so i thought if we tried them both we could make a decision. The wedding coordinator said if we have a tasting we will have to pay for it. I think this is a bit cheeky bearing in mind the amount of money we are actually spending! Whats everyone else experience of this?


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  • I think i have to pay for the wine tasting too! What a cheek!
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    We're having to pay, but we knew that up front. Some venues offer a complimentary tasting, but if they do, I think they are likely to include it in their info when you book.
  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    Friends of mine had a complementary tasting from their caterers, and highly recommended it, but they were arranging venue and caterers separately so I guess the caterers wanted their business. If the caterers are linked to the venue, which is how it is for us, then you have less freedom to go elsewhere anyway so i guess they are less bothered image I've been offered a meeting with the chef to discuss menu but i don't think that will include tasting.

  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    We got a complimentary food tasting with our venue - 2 dishes to try for each course. However this was for 2 people, now since my parents were paying they wanted some say in the food and my dad wanted to taste the possible wines they could provide before deciding whether to source our own and obviously me and my husband wanted a say too. So therefore we wanted a tasting for 4 people and so they wanted to charge for 2 people my mum absolutely put her foot down and said that they were making thousands of pounds from us and our guests and it WOULD be free for all of us and sure enough it was! We also got to try 3 puddings instead of 2 for free too. Mums are so good at some things, I just wouldn't have had the bottle!
  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    This is one of those outrageous things suppliers and venues do to try and get even more money out of us poor brides to be! I totally agree with craftycharlie if you choose them you are going to be spending thousands of pounds so the lest they can do is give you a free tasting - insist on it! It's very unbritish i know but it gets easier with practice :\) you don't have to be rude just point out how much you'll be spending especially if your guests are staying at the venue and you're having a pay bar etcetera! I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige image

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  • With my caterer the food tasting was complimentary and all part of the package. She came three times - once to prepare dinner for four of us (although there was not a maximum number of people that she would cater for) when we realised that the starter we had ordered for the meal was far too filling none of us could eat our main course for a good few hours. She then came back with different starters for us to try and then came again for us to taste all the different canapes and decide which ones we wanted her to serve. If anyone lives in North West I can't recommend her enough. Its called Hands Free Catering. Nothing is too much trouble for her and makes all the planning run so smoothly x

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  • The hotel I'm booking my reception with are also providing the cateering. My tasting is complementary for myself and my partner but any additional guests at the meal need to pay, which I think is acceptable. I would not be happy if I had to pay for the tasting.
  • Thanks for your replies! An update for you all! Have spoken to the wedding coordinator and told her that I think its unreasonable to charge us when we are spending so much money, who says that we will def have to pay for a tasting and that its out of her control. I asked who would be able to authorise it and she said she could ask the food and bevarage manager if we could have it at cost price, which bearing in mind the hotel will be making over 10k from my wedding i still think is unreasonable! :\(

    Might have to get my mum on the case!

    Craftycharli do you thing your mum will ring up for me?! she sounds like shes very good at it!!! image
  • You go for it Caroline. You must speak to the general manager. Like you say they are making enough money out of you. They are probably just trying it on.
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