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Wrong title!

Hi All

Just thought I'd share this with you. We got our contract through today from our venue. My partner and myself were rather annoyed that the letter was addressed to myself and MR Abraham! I've met with the co-ordinator and exchanged countless emails with her and she still can't get we are two women getting married! I know it sounds like such a small thing but it's really frustrating image

Thanks for listening to me rant!


  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    no it is not a small thing i understand you are annoyed

    how would she like being addressed as MR

    the only thing that contract was written by another member of staff that asumed wrongly that all couples will be a MR&MRS

    you need to contact the venue and point out there mistake and ask them to send out a new contract with correct details
  • DawnskyukDawnskyuk Posts: 129
    Oh I'd have been outraged and phoned them immediately if it were me, esp this morning as I was in some mood!

    It is rather thoughtless when people do that, but if you look at it another (positive) way like shopaholic said it could be that another member of staff did it, which in itself proves that you are not being gossiped about or scandalised in any way which I would see as a good thing.

    I would definitely contact them though and spell it out to them (again!)

  • That's ridiculous!

    Some people really just need a wake up call!

    CP's are not exactly 'brand new' and us lesbians have been around forever - we are old news!

    Seriously, get them on the phone, demand an apology and a new document!
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    I agree, get on that phone! They should get a slapped wrist for that. Also, you don't want someone there to make a similar mistake on the day that could really upset you.

    By the way Lisainglasgow, I love your avatar, it looks like my cat Carlos!
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