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Decision Time

Just need to post to allay (sp?) my fears as am about to post my family's wedding invites. It's been such a hard road even getting the courage to write them and I'm still not sure that they'll come but it shows we're the better people by inviting them. OMG I'm so scared!!!! x


  • I was dreading sending my parents invites too but my mum hasnt fallen out with me and she seems happy for me and may well be coming to the wedding!
  • DawnskyukDawnskyuk Posts: 129
    I know how hard it can be. Luckily my family have been great, but my w2b's parents have refused to come to our wedding right from the word go. We still sent an invite and I made a point of going to visit them and talk to them about the wedding. At the end of the day, we are upset but we ain't begging. We both know we'll have a fantastic day with or without them.

    I know its scary but I hope you get the response you want.

  • cazingecazinge Posts: 61
    Just to update everyone, I got a text from my mum the day after I sent the invites saying:

    "Invites have arrived. We need to discuss this. Am away until 27th, don't do anything until I get back."

    Not quite sure what "don't do anything" means but am quite tempted to tell them that the way they have acted since me and Ion got together means that they no longer have the right to have a say in my life. Ion thinks we should dicuss with them but I don't know whether I can be bothered as I know we'll end up rowing and even if they come I don't think we'll manage to get through the day without falling out and I don't want them to ruin the day for everyone (especially me & Ion).

    Sorry for ranting x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Ever thought she mught be asking you to not do anything until she gets back cos she wants to help you plan the wedding?

    Sorry....I am ever the optimist!!!!! image

    Hope everything works out for you x
  • I really hope it goes OK for you. However I've got to be realistic as it sounds like she has some kind of issue. I would keep planning as normal and speak to her when she gets back. Keep Lon by your side to keep you sane - good luck! x
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