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since i told my friends i was engaged they all keep asking to be my brides maid but i cn only afford one so how do i chose who will be my bridesmaid im realy stuck i dont want to hurt any of there feelings. I love all my friends the same but they keep saying i will be the best bridesmaid eva it hurtd my head can some please help a repunsell in destress


  • EVukEVuk Posts: 148
    maybe they could all be bridesmaids if they paid for their own dresses? If they are that keen they might be fine with that! Good Luck :\)
  • You could avoid the problem by not having any or having a child?
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    They'd have to pay for their own flowers as well as dresses, shoes etc...! And they'd have to agree to wear at least the same colour, if not the same style! You'll find when you put this to them that a few of them won't be so keen!

    Yes, I would have a little girl! Except I bet you & your partner between you have several nieces or little sisters or even maybe a young daughter or 2 of your own?

    Bambagirl x
  • It is a hard one, I gave in to everyone and now have 10 bridesmaids. I mean, how crazy is that! But for me it's fine. I would do as the previous girls have said and see who would pay for their own outfits etc.
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  • If I was you cant u have a flower girl,or dont have any!! But at the end of the day dont worry what others will say cos its your day!

    Good luck x
  • helen1980helen1980 Posts: 172
    I had some small flower girls and my niece, because I couldn't choose out of my friends and sisters, however on the day I gave them each a red rose with a green leaf and ribbon, to symbolise that they were important to me.

  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    that is a fabulous idea
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    that is a fabulous idea
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