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hey my partner and i have been thinking of having a christmas wedding as we think it is more magical. i was wondering if you could tell me your views on christmas weddings, if anyone has any ideas??? i


  • i think Christmas weddings are a great idea! any kind of wedding is whenever! but then i am a romantic art heart! would you want to get married on Christmas day or just around then? at least you would not have to think to hard about decorations and colour schemes!
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    i would want to get married around christmas time not christmas day, the colour scheme would be white and blue like a magical christmas time like a fairytale wedding i am planning to my gorgous bride.
  • I think that sounds gorgoues and magical.
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    i have seen this most beautiful shop were they have a christmas wedding theme in there shop window and it looks so magical i cant believe it
  • Christmas wedding sounds perfect - We've planned for January and wish we had chosen Christmas instead - although we are having blues and silvers as colours - we think.
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    blue and silver in gorgous colours to have that is what we have chosen hunny. I just hope we can get our dream location for the special day i wont be happy if we cant
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    My partner and I are having our wedding on the 19th Dec 2010. We chose this date as its our anaversary but also due to the fact we wanted a winter wedding by candlelight. My fav film is 4 weddings & a funeral and I love the scotish wedding where they walk from the church to the house with fire lighting the pathways..I'd say go for the christmas wedding but stay away from the nornal type of colours such as red & gold as its all a bit over done. Good luck!
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    i love that film to dalaston my partner is half scottish so we got some ideas from the church scence to
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    Yes if mine had any scotts in him I woudl get him to ware a kilt!! But sadly no. Where is the shop your talking about with the Christmas theam? We are trying not to plan to much as we want to go the the winter wedding show at the NIC in October to see what ideas we can get there.
  • Mrsowen_ukMrsowen_uk Posts: 189
    im having Dec 4th image and really hoping it'll be the magical start to the festive season for everyone
  • SpinkyMinkySpinkyMinky Posts: 271
    Were getting married on 5th December and were going for Red and Greens and our favours are Christmas Decorations
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    dalaston the shop is in westgate on sea the window was gorgous at christmas we loved it so much
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    I think you've made an excellent choice... The colours will be absolutely superb, and it'll give you a really memorable day - which will also help with remembering the anniversaryimage Lots of sparkle - just what's needed!
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